Tokidoki at Bloomingdale's

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  1. Hi,
    I normally don't post in this forum, but I was at Blommingdale's today putting a few bags on pre-sale for the private sale from 09/26-09/29. My SA told me that they had Tokidoki on sale at 25% off plus an extra 40%, also if you spend $100 you get anther $25 off, plus for every $100 you'll get back $25 gift another to spend at another time. I noticed the following prints on sale: Pirate, Spiagga and L'amore. I hope this will help someone search for a bag and some saving.
  2. they don't have those 3 prints in the SF Bloomingdale's:crybaby:
  3. Which Bloomies? I don't think the one in NYC has tokidokis. At least none that I've noticed...
  4. I'll check my Bloomies tomorrow but last time I was there they didn't have any. :crybaby:
  5. The Bloomingdale's in SoHo carries Tokidoki, the one on 59th Street does not. They just have regular LeSportsac bags.
  6. Hi,
    I am in LA. I put some things pre-sale for my younger sister. I got 1 BV Pirate, BV Spiagga and 1 tutti Campeggio for a total of 240 with tax ( I also will get back 50 in gift certificate), so it will come to 190 total.
  7. Are there any Bloomies in NJ? I'm going next weekend!
  8. so since its a private sale, does everyone can go or is it for the invited/bloomies cardmember only? does it apply to all bloomies?
  9. Sweet!! Looks like Short hills and Willowbrook will be near where I'm going!! Woohoo!! I'm trying to get my sister to make a trip to LSS Woodbury Outlet while I'm up there!
  10. sorry if this is a stupid question but what exactly does "presale" mean? and if it's a private sale, does that mean i would need to have a bloomingdales card?
  11. if anyone can check SD and let me know what they had I'd be forever grateful :smile: The OC ones don't carry Tokidoki :push:
  12. Hi,
    you know what I've been to private sales for many years and I did not have a bloomingdale's card until most recently. "pre-sale" means you buy the things and come and pick it up later (first day the sale starts). Some SA will be more than happy to pre-sale to you, just ask. They always have the coupon at the register.
  13. ooooooooooo:huh:OOOOoooo! Thanks for the info!!
  14. I went to my Bloomies in Chicago and they said that the Tokidokis were not going to be in sale. I wonder if it is just certain areas of the country :confused1: