To wait or not to wait? Pls help! (long)

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just want to start off by saying that I really value everyone's input, so I have a bit of a dilemma here. Ok, so I am a bit of a traditionalist in that I love LV because it's French, so of course I have been trying to get Made in France pieces. The thing is, I am really dying for an Azur Speedy 30 and I am Canadian, so it's impossible to find one here. My parents are going to LA in a few weeks and I called 1-866-VUITTON today and the woman told me that they could definitely find one in Southern Cali for me, I just have to call and put a hold on one 48 hrs ahead of time. However, she was pretty clear that all of them will be Made in USA pieces. My mom has kindly offered to get the bag for me when she goes to LA but the one thing I'm unsure of is... will LV issue more Made in France Speedies in N. America somewhere down the line? The woman said no, but I was thinking maybe in a few years? Or is it not worth the wait? Your thoughts, please!
  2. I actually think it's a bit harder to find any Azur pieces made in France. My pochette was made in Spain and most all pieces that I've seen are US and Spain.
    Honestly, I'd just get one now because the Azur is getting to be pretty mainstream and the more mainstream it is, the more the pieces will be made in those 2 locations. You'll probably be looking/waiting quite awhile to find one made in France.
  3. No chance of getting a Azur speedy made in France here on the continent... Good luck!
  4. I got my Azur speedy 25 back in December and it is made in France. It was a gift, but I believe it came from the Bal Harbor store. You might be able to call around and check, or even check eBay.
  5. I'd get the azur now and start enjoying!
  6. my thoughts exactly :yes:
  7. I would go ahead and get the Azur Speedy 30 now because who knows how long it will take to find one made in France. Good Luck on your final decision. :flowers:
  8. I would get it now too!
  9. I personally could care less where things are made. Maybe I'm in the minority. I have an Azur speedy 30. Not in love with it, but it has nothing to do with where it's made. lol
  10. So long as you love the bag I would get one now while you can.:yes:
  11. I would get it now too. After all, you are purchasing it in USA, so it makese it kind of special to have been made here too. I never even thought of where my speedy was made until joining tPF, and I still like that it says made in USA.

    If you are obsessed with having one made in France and you won't love the bag because of where it was made, maybe you should wait. To me though, I would not care where it was from at all!
  12. I just checked and my Damier Azur Speedy 30 is made in France. I received it December 1st from Fashion Island LV in Neiman's...don't know if that makes a difference. Maybe you could call them.
  13. mine is made in france too...i also think that azur speedy is hard to find in Canada since there seems to be waitlists for them still so I would consider yourself lucky to be able to get one even if it's made in USA...

    good luck, hope you get it soon!
  14. Thanks for your feedback so far everyone! It looks like maybe there are a few made in France ones floating around in the US? I know that maybe it is silly to obsess about the origins of luxury goods...
  15. Dont worry, I care about this too (I dont know why but I do) and this actually kept me from getting my regular damier speedy in january because the only one left was made in USA; and maybe its a good thing they didnt have one because I spent the money on a new puppy instead, which I love so much :heart: So if you really like made in France, wait for the right one because you will enjoy it alot more!