To Lisbon this weekend...

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  1. Anyone have info on the size of the new Lisbon weekender? NOT that I'm going to buy ANYTHING right now... I'm just asking... because I'm curious... because I just want to know.:whistle::whistle::whistle:
  2. You are bad. I would love to know too. I love carryons.

  3. Heck, when I first read your OP....I thought Lisbon - like in Portugal! I am clueless and have not been paying attention for weeks! DUH!!!!!
  4. WHAT??? I send you a pic of the new Mozambique Pink Flower Garment Bag and you don't say SQUAT??? The Lisbon looks about as big as your North Face duffel. But it IS odd they don't include dimensions on the site...
  5. I LOVE the mozambique- but I don't think I'd ever use a garment bag. don't get your knickers in a knot:bagslap:
  6. I also thought you were going to Portugal and was going to ask if you needed a personal epidemiologist to accompany you on your trip :roflmfao:

    I have to say HH is totally on my travel wavelength--- Mozambique, Maldives, Lyon and Lisbon are must-dos for me in the next 5-10 yrs!
  7. oooooooo...not going to Portugal, but I COULD use a personal epidemiologist!! That sounds like FUN!!:choochoo:
  8. Well how would I know??? :shrugs:
  9. jandelvis, you're an epidemiologist? Cool. I always thought that would be my next profession.
  10. indeed!! Great for folks who like/tolerate math, enjoy puzzles/problem solving and who are interested in medicine.
  11. That's me!
  12. :okay:Read my mind! Yeah- sorry about the lack of response to your mozambique email- been kinda busy with the annual report stuff... it really is gorgeous! I wish I had a use for it- but my extra carry-on is almost always going to be my camera bag, so I can't really use it. But something like the lisbon, that looks like a purse but could carry an extra set of clothes???

  13. Clueless here (again).....were is the Mozambique (and I am NOT referring to the country....)....I looked, but could not find on the HH website. Please direct me......

  14. They're both great! (Wish there were more nylon prints like that pink flower, though, for the Maldives, Lisbon, etc.)
  15. Does anyone else just adore that new purple nylon? I think it is so beautiful.