To buy a Chanel from Switzerland

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  1. Hi guys!

    I´m in a bit of a trouble here. I´m going to buy a classic medium flap, and I´m going to Zurich next month and to London the next, so the question is, where should I buy the flap from?

    I have no idea what the price is in Switzerland for one.

    If anyone can help me out, I´d be so grateful.

    So thanks in advance! ;)
  2. me neither... cuz i have never been to switzerland ... but i m making plans.. anyways have fun there...
  3. Hello from Switzerland!

    The classic flap medium caviar costs around CHF 2880.-
    I've bought the East-West black caviar for CHF 2030.- and the beige caviar GST with silver H/W for CHF 2410.- beginning of this year. The flats are from Spring/Summer Collection 2010 and I got them for CHF 590.-

    If you go to the Geneva Chanel Boutique at Bon-Génie les Boutiques, ask for Christine, she's really nice.

    Hope that this would help!

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  4. i love your collections Marmotte :love:
  5. I think today it's cheaper to buy in the UK as oppose to Switzerland. But Switzerland, is a little more than France, especially with EURO being so low right now. VAT should be about 7 % in Zurich/Geneva. However, I would consider the next price increase (if confirmed July 1st?). If there is a price increase in France, most certainly London will follow but not necessarily Switzerland as they are not part of CEE. In other words, check the threads about price increase to follow what's going on. Hope this helps.
  6. I would suggest buying it the moment you see it because Chanel items can be sooooo difficult to track down in Europe. You may be paying a little more if you buy from Zurich but what if the bag is out of stock in London?

    Not worth the heartache, IMHO to save the couple of bucks.
  7. You may want to consider calling Chanel at T3 in London Heathrow as the prices there are lower compared to the boutiques and stores. Good luck.
  8. :sad: There is an increase of about 28%, only on Classics Flaps and Reissues since June 23 in Switzerland...
    Now 2.55 Mademoiselle Lock is CHF 4400.-
    Classic Maxi Lamb or Caviar is CHF 3'800.-
    Classic Medium Lamb or Caviar is CHF 3'650.- instead of CHF 2'840.-
  9. Very interesting. The 2.55 is higher than the Maxi? 227?
    The maxi in the US is around $3800. Basically, today's Lamb Maxi is about $3437 in Switzerland vs $3800 in the US. but you get 7 % VAT back (4 months later). Again, in the US , you could do triple points in a store or open CC at NM, SAKS, NORDIE or else and get 10-20pct off first purchase. Always good to compare all options. 28 pct % increase, that's a lot. wouaaa. wonder about France, if 40 pct is indeed going to happen.
  10. Does anyone know the current price in Zurich for a WOC and JM? Also, what is the VAT in Zurich?
  11. Chanel is cheapest in London if you can claim Vat, so if its available in london get it there
  12. Hi!
    Does anyone know the price of a jumbo and maxi flap in zurich?
  13. In Zurich, jumbo is 4460 and maxi is 4850 inclusive 8% vat.. I'm waiting for a call for a black jumbo caviar. The only caviar they have in stock as of last Saturday is a beige jumbo.
  14. Hi Swiss Aus

    Would you know if the 12A red caviar bags are in Zurich already? Cheers :smile:
  15. Hi cottoncloud,

    Unfortunately they do not have anything in caviar except for the beige. I don't know when their next shipment comes in and they couldn't tell me but I hope I get a call soon! The wait is driving me nuts!