Tips/Advice for customs, VAT, etc.

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  1. Hi! I'm considering a purchase on Ebay. I'm in the US and the seller is in the UK. It's a small leather clutch and it will be around $900 plus shipping unless the seller accepts the offer I think I might make. She ships via Royal International Mail. Would I pay import duties? If so, would it be on the whole purchase amount? And what would be the worst case scenario on the percentage? 8%?
  2. You would only pay on the amount over $800, so it would be very minimal, if you are charged.
  3. That makes a big difference in my decision. Thank you so much!
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  4. You’re welcome.
  5. For those who have claimed VAT and had a connecting flight home, did you go to the Customs office at the first airport or the connecting airport? I’m flying to Madrid from the U.S. I plan to shop in Madrid, and the flight back to the U.S. connects in Munich for 1 hr. Any experience with this or a similar scenario? And if you’ve flown out of Madrid and gone to customs any personal tips? TIA!
  6. You declare everything in Madrid
  7. I just got back from 2 weeks in Europe yesterday. I had a difficult time getting my VAT process done.

    I spent a good amount in Paris, from there I took the train to London. I flew from Heathrow to Oslo (non EU country). At Heathrow they wouldn’t stamp my documents since I wasn’t yet leaving Europe. Since I was going to a non EU country they needed to stamp my forms but they insisted I do it in Oslo. At the Oslo airport they couldn’t process my forms because they aren’t an EU country and have nothing to do with their VAT refunds.

    Luckily the French consulate here in LA can help provide documents to process my forms for a fee of $31, since I’m due back €350 it’s well worth it.

    For the items I purchased in the UK I am out of luck. But luckily those were smaller purchases at LV so I mont losing out on much.

    If you purchase in France and are unable to do the VAT in the airport any embassy or consulate can help you in the states.
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  8. Greetings!!
    i am travelling to Spain in Sept. I want to buy a designer bag to save some money. My flight back to USA is from Barcelona with connection at Madrid. The layover is 1 hour 55 mins. Where do I process my claims? I am hoping it will be Barcelona since I can go to the airport early and get that taken care of. If not, i am very nervous with the time i have in Madrid will I able to process it? I thank you for all your time in advance.
  9. Try Barcelona first. I scanned a Barcelona receipt on their automated machine, received a green check mark, took a photo of my customs forms, and then mailed it in the appropriate mail boxes. I never had to see an agent and none of my forms came up red. I flew out from CDG the next day.

    If the machine gives you red, maybe discuss it with the customs agent in Barcelona?
  10. Thank you, ihalhaiha! I will do that and I hope it works for me, too :smile:
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