Tips/Advice for customs, VAT, etc.

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  1. Can anyone help to advise? I have a friend going to London who will assist me in purchasing a few items but I need to find out the final costs first. Anyone? Please......
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  3. Thanks, I searched the net on VAT info already but am unsure what the % refund is specifically for LV purchases in London.

    How about Paris % VAT refunds? My friend advised that he might also be going to Paris. Yippee!! Paris is the cheapest worldwide....let's see what to buy...........
  4. I think Paris is 12%
  5. From what I've heard from other people you have to claim back the VAT before you leave the UK. And that you have to spend a certain amount of money ... I'm sure with LV you'll have no problem :biggrin:
  6. 12 and 17%?
  7. If I buy a Charlotte 24 when I'm over there this August, how much will it be reduced when I get the VAT off? Any help would be much appreciated as it will help me budget. :smile:
  8. It's around 12%. I suggest you ask for cash at the airport. The exchange rate using credit card makes it only around 10%.
  9. It depends on the country you're in. Eurupe has different V.A.Ts e.g. Germany is 16%. You might look the country you're going up in the internet to see how much the V.A.T is.
  10. And also the shop, I guess. In Paris it varies from shop to shop. Chanel in Paris offers 13% whilst Fendi offers 12%.
  11. in the UK its 17.5%.
    The only thing is that if you are stopped re-entering your country & you have the receipts on you, you'll be charged import duty & tax on what you bring in:sad:

    If you are re-entering the UK for example thats actually close to 25%

    so just be aware of that!:biggrin:
    Have a good trip!:biggrin:
  12. Import duty on a personal purchase? eeek!

    I'm heading off to Istanbul (partly European), Geneva, London and cologne. I figure I'll check out, and possibly buy, and GD in either Geneva or London.
  13. my suggestion is to take the purchases out of the packaging. you can still claim VAT on it as long as you take it out of the country ( eg. when you buy new bags take them bag only in the dustbag, clothes without the price tags, shoes in shoe bags and stick everything in the suitcase). and if you're stopped when entering your country they then can't charge you cause they can't really proof that they're brand new (you can just tell them they're used)
  14. This is good info. I have plans to go to Europe next year and planning on buying something from both LV and Chanel.