Tiffany's Free Silver Cleaning

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  1. If you are on their e-mail list then you probably already know about this, but just in case I thought I'd post it. Tiffany's is doing free silver cleaning from July 15-19 for up to six pieces. Here's the link:

    I know it should be free all the time......but it's not so I know I'm going to take my pieces in if I'm not busy!
  2. thank for posting this :smile: i might bring at least 3 of my tiffany's for cleaning.
  3. Awesome -- the SF store is participating!

    * Runs off to jewelry box *
  4. Does anyone know if this is valid in Canada also??
  5. ^ i saw that vancouver tiffanys are
  6. yay perfect! =)
  7. Isn't it free all the time?
  8. Yes! At least at my local store. At first I thought this must be for polishing (since that's not free) but when I re-read my email I decided they have to mean the quick steam clean. I get that done all the time for free!
  9. At my store it is about $15 depending on what type of piece you bring in. I honestly have never tried it because I have the silver cleaner they sell. I wonder why it's inconsistent.
  10. I thought it was free all the time as well.. :s
  11. Hmmm, but how to pick the six pieces to take. I'm going to have to think on this one. Thanks for the tip!
  12. I know that the Toronto's T&Co always cleaned for free. But I haven't brought any of mine in for cleaning in awhile, so that might've change?
  13. do u know how long it takes for them to clean?
  14. thanks NurseAnn!!! I totally needed a reason to go there tomorrow anyhow... =D
  15. Thanks for posting! I am going to dig up my Tiffany pieces and bring them to the SF store. :biggrin: