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  1. Ok, I am 35, married with the 3 kids. I am very casual and funky and wear mostly jeans (Paige and Sevens)
    Anyhow, today I bought a Tiffany oval necklace and bracelet (25% off:yahoo:).

    Now I feel kinda weird becuase most women I see wearing that type of Tiffany jewelry are mostly younger than me, early or mid 20s....

    Am I too old for them, should I go for something else????
    And are they just too common now? If you know what I mean!!!!

    PLEASE be brutally honest, your opinions will never offend me and might infact save me some $$

    BTW, I have the Tiffany gold lock bracelet and wear it all the time....
  2. i had one several years ago after my son was born i got one, i think i was 29 at the time...i felt it was too young for me, i wouldn't wear it now. but i see moms wearing them all the time. i think i am more of a david yurman gal now.

    i guess it is all in how you wear it.

    i think what makes you happy is most important.
  3. Honestly I have to say that its not about old or young but for me, I stopped wearing it because it was too trendy and heavy for everyday...

    I think that if you love it, you should keep it, but if not...considering something else in its place, a bit more classic and easier to wear is better.
  4. i didnt know tiffany's have sales... did you actually buy those items at the store?
  5. Tiffany does not have sales - just like Louis Vuitton - no sales. Not sure what the OP means by a 25% discount - maybe it was an employee discount?
  6. Well Holt Renfrew (like Saks or Neimans) here in Canada had a one day sale and everything was 25% and for the first time ever it included Tiffany.
  7. I'm 42 wear diamonds,a Rolex and a couple of silver bracelets,I think if you wear stuff right it always looks fine!!!
  8. I think one of the great things about Tiffany jewelry is that it tends to be more classic. Therefore, it is really appropriate for any age group.
  9. I've had the Tiffany round tag bracelet since my 20s. I still wear it @ 35, will still wear it 45 & probably 55. My husband bought it for me. I love it still & will continue to wear it as long as I want:yes:. I also have the heart tag necklace from my 20s (military tag style - long chain) and if not for the chain breaking I'd still wear that too! Gotta get that fixed some day. Wear what you love.
  10. Although I have quite a bit of Tiffany in platinum/diamonds and gold, and my daughters have a lot of their silver jewelry, my latest purchase has turned me off to Tiffany possibly forever. I bought a platinum diamond/sapphire ring for around $7,000. Although I already knew Tiffany's jewerly is hideously overpriced, this purchase made me feel like an idiot. So I ordered a ring like it (still platinum with the same carat weight and grade of diamonds/sapphires) from that was around 1/3 the price of the Tiffany ring. I held them side by side, showed them to several people, and no one could tell the difference. I returned the Tiffany ring.

    But back to the original question - if you're questioning that the bracelet is too young for you, then you'll probably feel uncomfortable wearing it. I read an article that said Tiffany beefed up it's silver offerings in order to attract a younger crowd. But it worked too well and their silver jewelry became too common. Tiffany also didn't think the crowds of teens hanging out in the silver section of their stores was doing anything for their 'exclusive' image. So how did they deal with the problem? They hiked up the price of their silver jewelry, making it a little less attainable.

    Tiffany is going to make itself *very* exclusive with their ridiculous overpricing. People are catching on.
  11. I think good jewelry is ageless and its all about how you wear it!!!! If you love it... wear it!!!!
  12. barcreperie - interesting ... I know I see people wearing Tiffany's jewelry all the time. It definitely doesn't seem all that exclusive. Whereas a few years ago it would have been a big deal to see someone wearing it. And their prices always make me cringe since I know how much it costs material wise.

    As to the original question ... You're only as a young as you feel. :smile: If you love them and enjoy wearing them then keep on! If you are uncomfortable wearing them, take them back and save the cash.
  13. I was crazy about Tiffany sterling in my late 20s/early 30s, but I definitely grew out of it.
  14. that's very sentimental of you, i'd do the same:woohoo:
  15. I say keep it. If you love it and will wear it..go ahead and keep it!!