Thoughts on Spring Line!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I thought this would be a fun thread to discuss our thoughts re spring!

    As for me, I LOVE the Aubergine. I definetely see that color being added to my BE collection! I'm not sure which style. I"m thinking maybe a TME or TMA midi!

    I"m not going to rush in deciding! It's too much fun thinking it all over......

    But, I do hope that most receive their discount if you pre-order!:tup:
  2. I'm loving orange and turquoise .
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    I'm not big on spring-y colors in general, so not surprisingly the only new colors I'm really drawn to are cobalt sheen and aubergine.

    I'm thinking of getting something in tan, something in cobalt sheen, and something in aubergine.

    I do kind of wish that matte black would have made a reappearance.
  4. I like the look of Aubergine, Burnt Orange and Cobalt but already have too many bags in similar colours. I might go for Aubergine later on if the style of the bag was unbelievable tempting.

    Maybe Turquoise?

    I am disappointed that there are only a very few matt leathers to choose from.
  5. The pink and cobalt are stunning!! However, I'm a bit surprised at how soon deposits have to be in. I mean, blimey it's friday and we have to get them in for Monday!! Are you serious? I'm just getting used to the new colours, let alone making a decision. Lets not forget there is a new leather 'sheen' that is completely alien to us, albeit lovely I'm sure. We've just got over bespoke bliss, and this all has my head spinning!!

    Am I the only one that feels this way??! :sad:
  6. ^^nope! There are a few reasons why I wish to have a few extra days to decide. One being, between Christmas and bespoke bliss, my funds are limited at the moment, and I wish to wait until my bespoke bags arrive before I decide on which spring purchases to get.
  7. I really wish that aubergine was a standard color. If it were, I would no doubt pick something up, but I just can't handle the additional bespoke fee right now!
  8. I like the orange and the cobalt!:yes: And of course I'm glad to see the LM Midi making an appearance since it just so happens to be my favourite style!

    But I don't want to feel rushed into anything kwim?

    I was also under the impression that the SM style was being dropped? (although I'm sure there are a lot of ladies happy to see it reappearing!)And also that there was going to be 2 Hobo styles rather than the one? :shrugs:
  9. Kcd, There is no bespoke fee if you order by Monday. You just don't get the 10% discount.
  10. Out of the new colors I like Aubergine and Cobalt. I also think the pink sheen and apple green would be cute for small accessories. I still love the Navy sheen (isn't this navy glossy?)

    I think I will be sitting out on pre-orders other than an AP or Clutch Me. None of the styles really speak to me and I am not usually a shoulder bag kinda gal. I also have my first Stroke Me coming and need to see if I like the style.

    I really wish I could try on the TME midi and Love Me midi since those are so popular. Anyone want to do a NYC meetup to try on each other's bags?
  11. I am so tempted, however being a newbie, I don't even know where to begin. What's worse is that my funds are so depleted that I can't even think about a deposit by Monday. I just found out about this today!!!!!

    What breaks my heart is that I would sell my soul to the devil for a LMM in Cobalt sheen......sight unseen or in Tan. But then I would also have to sell something to him as well because I can't seem to stop staring at the SM and SMM midi..I'm not even a pink person either but my mouth is simply watering.

    I'm still awaiting my Pink Tuesday first BE beauty so I'm between a rock and a hard place. Is this how the addiction begins?

    What a scrumptious color pallet!

    The colors are to die for, even the more pastelly, spring ones which surprise me since I'm usally not a candy color handbag affecianado.
  12. So it's 10% off reg. price if orders are in by Monday? And any bag in any leather color if ordered by then?

    Thinking TME midi in aubergine, too. Or, yellow. Taupe? Hm.

    I think the "sheen" is a finish like petrol leather's finish. But, I don't know for sure- it just looks that way.
  13. ^^The 10% off is only for the combos listed in the line sheets. If you order aubergine it will be regular price, no discount, but no bespoke fee.
  14. I agree that timing is not great to be encouraging deposits by Monday for a 10% discount - which I would surely love to take up, but with the bespoke bliss just over (and bags not even delivered yet), Christmas shopping, the credit crunch etc etc... I think it's going to be difficult to make a decision/place a deposit by then...
  15. no not at all!! head spinning is's too sooooon!