Thoughts on horseshoe pendants?

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  1. I love the horseshoe. I have always wanted it in Platinum. I love the look of it stacked too xx
  2. I love it. I bought mine from Tiffany when I closed on my home in TX. Lil gift for myself. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393899872.699313.jpg
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  3. Wear my Tiffany horseshoe every day.
  4. It looks gorgeous on you! Lovely gift to yourself :smile:
  5. Thanks! I am really loving mine after a few days of wearing it - lovely bit of everyday sparkle :smile: I think the Metro horseshoe just comes in white gold and rose gold now - not sure about platinum? It used to come in yellow gold too which they have discontinued.

    It is a lovely everyday piece isn't it. Do you have the same one?
  6. I do. I wear it alone or layered.