Thoughts on horseshoe pendants?

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  1. Just an update, I have decided to take the pendant back :sad: I feel a bit weird about the lack of markings (and without wanting to sound snobby, when you spend £xxx on a Tiffany pendant you kind of want it to look as if it does actually come from Tiffany! :P). I'm going to take another look at lunchtime at the Metro horseshoe in WG or RG, or maybe one of the YG keys to layer with my DBTY...
  2. Ah...i was going to say it looks great on u both layered or on its own. :P

    But if u dont feel completely comfortable with it then best to return it. How about the RG metro one? I feel RG goes well with YG so you will have lots of layering options too. I have always liked the metro horseshoe myself but i keep getting distracted by other things. I dont think it is trendy at all.

    The keys are pretty too. Hope u find something u love. Good luck ;)
  3. He he, thanks :smile: I did like it on but something didn't feel right, almost like I was buying it for the sake of it because I couldn't get the Metro pendant in YG which was my first choice?

    I went back to the store and left with... the Metro horseshoe in WG! I tried on the RG again and liked it but really surprised myself by loving the WG on (which I never tried on yesterday). It is so sparkly and I thought I might try and mix metals by trying to layer it with the DBTY too! Do you think it would look ok layered with the HoF Fulfillment pendant?
  4. Absolutely! I imagine it will look great with the Fulfillment :smile:.

    I think wg is great bcos the metro horseshoe is quite a dainty piece the wg and diamonds will really stand out.

    Looking forward to modelling shots :smile:
  5. A key is a great idea, too! I love keys, have a mini platinum heart key myself.
    Regarding the metal color, diamonds sparkle much more on white metal, it is true for almost all designs. Glad you liked WG horseshoe :smile:
  6. Home now, tried both on together and they look really lovely layered! I'll take some photos :biggrin:
  7. I'm still thinking of taking the DBTY back, so will swap that for either a key (probably knot key in YG on a long chain) or the cushion cut citrine pendant in YG. Your mini platinum heart key sounds gorgeous and so versatile :smile:

    You are right about the white metal/diamonds combo, sooo sparkly... but I do have a soft spot for YG with diamonds, love the warmth of the gold.
  8. I chose this key when we were traveling in Barcelona just emotionally, I hadn't spent too much time analyzing all the available Tiffany stuff. I just put it on and DH bought it for me for our 1st anniversary as it was so sparkly and cute.
    Later on I started to worry if it is classy enough for me to wear it in some 10 years, maybe not as much as now, but at least sometimes. And you know what - I tried on many pendants since then, 2,5 years have passed, and I still love it and wear it 24/7.
    So emotions are your best advisor :smile:
  9. Btw the knot key is gorgeous. One the most beautiful ones among 1,5".
  10. Here is the Metro horseshoe in WG - photos don't do it justice!

    Attached Files:

  11. And layered with my Hearts on Fire Fulfillment pendant:

    Attached Files:

  12. Beautiful together :smile:
  13. The horse shoe is so pretty! And looks great with your Fulfillment pendant :smile:
  14. Thanks both! My photo of the horseshoe on its own is a bit rubbish but it is really pretty and sparkly in real life - love it worn with the Fulfillment pendant too! This is my gift with the family money I got for my birthday and I decided to take the DBTY back and buy the Sparklers pendant in citrine instead as my pressie to myself :graucho:
  15. I think they are a classic look but I've never been fond of it.