Thoughts on horseshoe pendants?

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  1. I just wondered what people's thoughts are on these, as I know they were particularly trendy a few years ago but I have always kind of regarded them as a classic :confused1:

    I have received some birthday money from family in advance of my birthday in March and am looking for an everyday YG pendant with or without diamonds (ideally without) to wear with my YG Love and skinny diamond eternity band as a RHR, which tend to be my everyday staples now. I have recently pared down my jewellery collection and am trying to only buy classics/pieces that will stand the test of time... my other main pendants are the Cartier Sweet Trinity (RG) and Hearts on Fire Fulfillment pendant (WG).

    I bought the .14 DBTY in YG from Tiffany's this week as a layering piece (tbh I am considering returning it as I don't see much size difference from the .08 I used to have!) and wanted to get the Metro diamond horseshoe pendant in YG to wear with it, but on going to the store today found out that apparently they have discontinued the YG version! :cry: They still have it in WG and RG and the RG is gorgeous, but I don't often wear RG and already have the Sweet Trinity. While I was in the store I tried on the plain YG horseshoe pendant and loved it, so it has come home with me, but am wondering whether I should keep it as I don't know whether it is a classic piece and suits my age? I am nearly 34 and tend to be a classic dresser.

    Help - your thoughts would be appreciated ladies!
  2. If you loved it in the plain gold version, why not buy it for yourself? I consider this classic enough and would wear it myself and I'm 42.
  3. Thanks emchhardy - I just modelled it for our receptionist at work who is 25 and a jewellery fanatic and she loved it and has told me not even to consider returning it :smile: I really love it on but am just a bit self-conscious of trying to look too trendy now that I am in my 30s. It would look lovely with the DBTY too so I may have to reconsider returning that.
  4. I have one from like 12 years ago that I love. It's silver with cz's and I often think about purchasing a gold/diamond one because I love it so much. I always get compliments when I wear it. :smile:
  5. I think a horseshoe is one of the few symbols which have always been there and will always be. To me it is classy.
    But I would personally go for a platinum one with diamonds. It's very dainty and sparkly.
  6. Good to know that you still love and wear yours - you should definitely go for the gold/diamonds!

    Thanks for your thoughts, I think it is classy too :smile: Platinum/diamonds would be a beautiful combination but I'm not really a white metals girl, was really hoping for the Metro horseshoe in YG/diamonds so am gutted that this has been discontinued :cry:
  7. Weirdly I have just realised that the plain YG horseshoe pendant on the website has the hallmarks on the front of the pendant, but the one I bought today in the store has them on the back! Can anyone shed any light on this? Of course mine is genuine as it was bought in the store but I'm surprised that the website image is not identical in terms of markings :shrugs:

  8. Maybe they are showing the back on the website to show the markings?
  9. I think anything equestrian is classic--just because it has sleek, tailored lines and classic colors, shapes, and textures. So I definitely don't think you could go wrong with a horseshoe pendant!

    Let us see when you get it!
  10. or now that you have it, rather!
  11. Thanks :smile: Just took these shots of the pendant on its own and layered with the .14 DBTY:

    Attached Files:

  12. With the DBTY:

    Attached Files:

  13. I like it - I would keep it.
  14. Everything goes with DBTY ;)