Thoughts - Castagna RH City

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  1. What do you guys think of the Castagna RH City? Does anyone have one? Was there a S/S and F/W Castagna? Is there a difference in the color? I've seen the Castagna GGH city and it looked pretty on the shelf but not on me... =/

    I will be dropping by to see one tomorrow and I'm kinda anxious. This could potentially be my first Bbag!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated... =)
  2. I saw the Castagna RGGH City/Work and fell in love with the combo. I haven't seen it in RH but it is a beautiful color. Wish you all the best!
  3. I have a part time in RH in castagna..its a very deep chocolate color, I wanted automme but it was sold out. It really depends on what colors you are looking to match things with. It's safe and goes well with everything.....but now I felt it was tad bit boring. Should have been more adventurous....
  4. If Castagna RH looks anything like the bag in nielnielniel's avatar, I think it'd be gorgeous in the City. If you are feeling like you want to cut away from the pack, and don't mind the extra weight of the giant Hardware, what about RGGH with your Castagna?
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    SkyBlueDay - The weight was what bothered me with the GGH Castagna I looked at. The bad it self was sooooo beautiful. I just couldn't carry it. =/

    NielNielNiel - You read my mind. I'm afraid that the color may becoming boring to me. But then again I'm boring as well. I think the Castagna will fit well in my wardrobe. I saw a Automme RH City as well but wanted a bag that was darker. How about being adventurous with your next purchase? I would love a town in a rich purple tone...later. =)
  6. Buy what you adore wearing, no matter what the rest of us think, tinkie0621. At the end of the day, if you love a bag, you will carry it, regardless of what colour it is that the rest of us like/carry: if you don't, you won't, and it will have been a royal waste of your money.
  7. I like almost ALL browns and they are never boring. Brown is a sophisticated color. However I would not buy any bag that "didn't look good on me".
    Wait for something that knocks your socks off AND looks good on you.
  8. love the color of Castagna! and prefer the RH or RGGH combo ^.^ I sold my SGH PT cuz the combo wasn't right for me... did you try one on yet by now? good luck!
  9. Thanks everyone. I wish I could have you all there with me for a second opinion.

    Castagna came out in the S/S and F/W collection right? Anyone know if there was a difference in color or leather?

    Molee808 - Not yet. I'll be heading to the store in a few more hours. Crossing my fingers.

    I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to buy a Balenciaga...there's so much to consider. So many choices. =) In a good way.
  10. crossing fingers for you tinkie! The one I had was s/s... beautiful thick smooth choco brown with very little dark cherry undertone. but not sure about the f/w... sorry! Then again, the store might carry both seasons ^.^
  11. See my signature :smile: Double cross for you
  12. I have a rggh work in castagna, is impressive.
  13. The S/S color is called "Chataigne," and is a little lighter IMO than F/W Castagna They are both beautiful browns. I love brown Bals, too, and I don't think they are boring at all. If you like it and think it will match your wardrobe, I don't think you can go wrong with either color.
  14. I think Castagna is a GORGEOUS color as I have seen it in person. Normally I do not a brown person, this is an exception.

    But I prefer this color with RGGH, it's really one of the best combo.
  15. castagna is beautifullll inm RGGH!!!