Those with Epi Pochettes....

  1. Can you please post a pic of what you can fit inside it. I'm thinking only a couple thin items will work since the bag itself is thin. Thanks.
  2. OK, I can fit my phone too but I had to use it to take the picture.... Plus I when I'm using a smaller wallet or card case I could fit quite a bit more makeup or whatever in it....I have two epi pochettes and I would buy another, I really like them!
    0920061824.jpg 0920061822.jpg
  3. I can fit in mine the following: epi cles, cell phone, and epi key holder. I may be able to fit a little more in it, but I am afraid of damaging it.
  4. I fit way more than that when I use my epi pocket organizer in it instead of my small ring agenda and I've never had an issue with damaging it, my yellow one is like 5 years old now and it still looks great!

  5. I'll have to try and fit more into mine. I only use it when I go out to eat and affairs where I do not know where I'll have to place my bag.
  6. I don't have a picture of what FITS in my epi pochette but this is what I carry with me in most purses (including the epi pochette). Just so you have an idea - the purse in the background is what I can fit in a chanel cambon pochette :flowers:


  7. I've lost my cord to connect to my computer, sorry... but I am sitting here now with my lilac epi pouchette and I can comfortably fit a mac powder compact, my cell phone (razr), and my coach skinny stuffed with cash cards, my car key and a lipgloss. Sometimes if I'm out and take something out and things shift i have to rearrange things to make everything fit with out bulging, but overall I have no problems fitting everything I need for a night out.
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