this stuff is so addicting! (post 1)

  1. so i went to the outlet on saturday and it was a madhouse. it was sooo hard to decide on just a few things. (some of the stuff in the photos are not from the outlet)
    pictures 007.jpg pictures 011.jpg pictures 012.jpg pictures 023.jpg pictures 026.jpg
  2. rest of the goodies:
    pictures 028.jpg pictures 031.jpg
  3. Very nice! Congrats!
  4. beautiful! i see you're a fan of blue :smile:
  5. Beautiful! Love the charms. I soooo want to goto the Coach outlet soon! You have all inspired me!
  6. Very nice!!!!!!!! I would like to get my hands on one of the star key chains. :p
  7. I love that heart keyfob. :smile:
  8. what outlet were you at?? I was at Cabazon on saturday too and it was crazy busy........the line was soooo long. I got a black/patent wristlet and an initial charm.
  9. Lovely! Congrats!:yes:
  10. thanks all!

    Jennn: yup! blues are my weakness! at one point i was holding like 5 blue items!

    hell_lo_kitty: i saw the star keychain last minute and threw it in with my order! they had a bunch.

    stophle: thanks! I got the last one in the store! (this was about a month ago).

    spacytracy: i was at the Camarillo outlet. i've always wanted to shop at the Cabazon outlet. yah, the line was like wrapped around the store! i was impressed though cause all the SA's were really nice and the line was moving along pretty quickly. The outlets are my new weakness. i wanted EVERYTHING!!!
  11. hrimaliv, congrats! Great pieces!
  12. Oooh gorgeous buys, I love the stars! Congrats!
  13. i'm drooling at the mouth over the pink heart. I can just see it on a pink bag for the summer.

    Nice taste in charms...Enjoy!
  14. I looked for all three of those charms, snowflakes, heart and stars and our place was sold out of them...or say they were!! Very very nice.
    Where they 24 or 39??
  15. congrats! love the charms.