This made me sad :-(

  1. So yesterday my friend and I were getting lunch and she had a new fake Fendi Spy that she bought for $300 (??!!). A very obvious fake made out of plastic. She kept talking about how beautiful and realistic looking it was... I was trying to be helpful and honest so I told her it was obviously fake and warned her not to tell people it was real (I thought that was a nice thing to do!) Anyway my new LV Damier Illovo was on the table and she started making faces of disgust at it. She then said she didn't like the pattern and preferred every other pattern except for the Damier. It looks "like a checker or chess board" and she just "didn't understand the point of it". Do most people not like the pattern? What do y'all think, do you like the damier? I think she was just trying to be rude to me, but I really love it and am shocked that she would just outright say that. I don't normally let comments like that get to me, but it really did. Has anyone ever said anything like this to you ladies?
  2. i like the damier. she's prolly pissed that she has a fake while you have the real deal and is hurt that you were so blunt about it.

    if she continues to tell people that the spy is real, she's going it get embarassed sooner or later.
  3. I have a friend that hates my Damier Speedy too - called is a checkerboard and says it's masculine. I don't let it bother me.

    Sounds like your friend was feeling stung and probably a little embarrassed so she was lashing out to make you feel bad. I think you did right in warning her not to tell people it was real, to save her from embarassment. That's a hard thing to do and I would want a friend to tell me something like that. Sounds like she just was lashing out. I had one friend one time, after I lost a lot of weight, tell me my face looked old without the weight!
  4. I didn't like damier until I saw it in azur. Then it was love at first sight. haha.
  5. Let her get embarassed, she'll learn from her mistakes, as for you you have a beautiful bag who cares what others say you love it and at the end of the day you opinions matter.
  6. People will say things like that when they're jealous. My friend does it, but in a more subtle way although I still notice when she feels insecure. She said those things in knowing your bag was real and may have thought you were talking down to her by telling her her bag was obviously fake and not to tell people it was real, and felt compelled to talk down to you about your bag. Although, I'm not sure if you actually told her you were only saying so because those who would know she was trying to pull it off as real would laugh. She did know that, right?
  7. I love my Damier! It is classy and timeless. Don't let other people's opinions (or downright jealousy) make you question your bag!
  8. hmmmm I prefer the monogram or mc...
    But that's just a matter of taste. I think that if you like it, just don't let her get to you...;)
  9. I love Damier canvas, it's very pretty and not to mention timeless; Your friend was just bitter you told her that the fendi she paid $300 for was fake. :blah:
  10. Some people like Damier, some people don't, just like anything else. In this case, she was retaliating against what you said about her bag. Try not to let it bother you. Yours is real and hers isn't.

    I personally like the Damier.:yes:
  11. I like the Damier pattern. Everyone has their own taste, but it really sounds like she was a little bitter. If you love your bag, then that is the most important thing. Personally, I can't understand people spending any amount, especially $300 on a fake. Why not save a little bit more money and get something real. :confused1: The Damier Illovo is gorgeous.
  12. Damier is very masculine and not very known to the public compared to the LV and the flowers. It's not ugly at all, but many girls might not like it for themselves.
  13. Damier is cute however dh thinks it looks masculine so I don't have any damier. As long as you like it that's all that matters.
  14. How can she understand "The point of it" when she does not understand the point of why it is unacceptable to carry a fake..very sad indeed.:sad:
  15. I wasn't too fond of the Damier or the Denim line at first. But I've grown quite fond of it. I've always been a classic monogram gal but only certain lines make some styles that I love. It's just sad that your friend would say that knowing she's walking around with a fake.
    Everyone has different styles and tastes and it shouldn't bother you that someone isn't feeling yours. I love large purses, mainly because I have a 3 1/2 and an 8 week old. It allows me to look stylish and still be functional. I get comments from family members all the time about how they're "TOO BIG" or "TOO EXPENSIVE". Yet they walk around with "REALLY FAKE" Louis Vuitton purses thinking they're faking others out. So love your bag girl. Relish in the fact that it's yours and that it's real!!!