This look familiar to anyone?

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  1. Is it a picture from here?? How friggin RUDE of them! Yes, we should all use watermarks..
  2. They're pics Fayden posted of her anthra paddy. Rude!
  3. some one should tell the guy something, fayden should send an email to ebay!
  4. Gah.. that's so low. People have no respect.
  5. I am pretty sure Fayden has an eBay account, so maybe this can be reported. The seller could possibly get their account canceled and become Not a Registered User.

    What a lowlife :suspiciou
  6. yes, this defintiely needs to be reported to ebay.. it's stealing and also cheating the customer into believing they'll get a pretty bag like Fayden's.. :mad:
  7. That is so terrible! And it has to be someone that is a member here to get the photo, right?
    Poor Fayden....
  8. report it! i can't figure out how, but as many of us need to do it as possible
  9. OMG! That's terrible! Evil! :evil: :evil: .
  10. omfg!!! reporting him to ebay...
  11. thank you english girl from spotting this one, i just reported him and have the auction on watch, yup we gotta watermark, i never do it because i think it takes away from the photo, but i guess we have to. ugh!!!
  12. look what he replies:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]"I will change them this afternoon. Pictures on blogs, message posts, etc are fair game unless they are specifically trademarked or watermarked. Just an FYI."

    what a jerk, it's called stealing!

    can u guys all spam him and tell him that for me? lol.

  13. i spammed him for ya. and told him that all pictures are copyrighted to their original source regardless of whether they're trademarked (which is an entirely different thing and use) or watermarked. thought he could use an FYI.