This is just so wrong

  1. LMFAO.... again reminds me of the LV Rubber ducky.
    But the thing is it doesn't have the LV monogram on it so might not be removed... however I do doubt that anyone will be stupid enough to buy it
  2. ^ oh yeah, i've seen a lot of that kind of stuff on eBay. i love HK too and I agree..i don't like it much when some Hello Kitty stuff outright copies LV designs. i don't mind "designer inspired" stuff, but I thought HK was "above that"....

    ripoff of monogram pattern (w/o monogram):

    and a ripoff of white Multicolore:

    i remember that was a thread about this before (how many Hello Kitty bags copy LV styles). Though it doesn't have the LV logo on it, so I don't think it can technically be called copyright infringement. But thankfully most HK items like this only seem to exist on eBay (i've never seen one in a Sanrio store, but I could be wrong of course)
  3. I think HK is a victim herself in this whole fakie business :sad:

    I don't believe, and I refuse to believe these items are authentic HK items by Sanrio :sad:
  4. haha that's funny
  5. :lol:
  6. OMG this is the WINNER!!!! :roflmfao:


  7. AAARGH!!! Frankenstein!
  8. Haha tell you what, there's many authentic "LV-inspired" goods in the Sanrio shops here in Japan ;)
  9. Those are crazy! And somewhere out there someone is actually carrying them. That's the scary part.
  10. Yeah, I saw those a while back. If you do a search for HK handbags on eBay you will find tons of "LV" designs.
  12. LOL! :roflmfao:
  13. I love Hello Kitty, but honestly, this just killed that love in an instant. :push: