This goes out to those of you who are worrying about people's reactions to your LV

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  1. Think about this: who was the last person you saw carrying a designer bag or driving an expensive car? What bag or car was it? What were they wearing? Do you remember their face? Could you identify them out of a lineup?

    The answer is probably: NO! People will notice your bag but they are so absorbed in their own little world and its problems that they'll probably forget you as soon as you're out of sight. They won't even remember you if they were to run into you in a different setting, or while you're not carrying a high end bag. That's human nature.

    So wear your bags with pride because most people are not even thinking about you, and if they are they'll forget all about you soon enough.

    Disclaimer: This post doesn't apply to friends or relatives, only people you'll never see again.
  2. :goodpost:
  3. Well said!! :woohoo:
  4. Agreed 100%!!!
  5. We pay good money, lots of them, and still gotta worry about other people's reaction to our LVs? Why don't we just buy normal bags and stuff, it's stress free! I really don't understand. Life is stressful enough, i am sure there are more important things to worry about rather than other people's reactions to our LVs. Buy them, enjoy them! :smile:
  6. Where I currently live I am more worried about people's reactions to me NOT having a LV!!! lol It is almost expected!

    I feel like that is much harder than someone looking at you because you have one!

    Wear them with pride guys!
  7. yeah good post! Wear LV with pride and because you love your bag, It's most likely in your head that people are staring.... they probably aren't, atleast not in a negative way!! If you can't handle LV's heat don't wear it LOL
  8. I've honestly never given it any thought what people think regarding my bags.
  9. Me neither, it's my bag so I don't care what other people think. ^^
  10. Who ?? Who's worried about what
    Other people say about my outfit my
    Flip flops my Honda V6 coupe and my
    LV ?? I don't give a chix whiz because
    It's mine I didn't steal it and it's all
    Paid off !!! *rolling my eyes*
  11. I totally agree... Good post!! I don't give a flip about what others think of me or what I wear/carry/drive... If I (my hubby) can afford it, then I'll enjoy it to the max....
  12. I agree with you whole heartedly OP
  13. I never understand why propel feel they need to judge. I just got mine first LV (and I love her!!) and I did see someone look me up and down coz she had a LV bag I think hold on we like the same so what's the issue? A sad judgmental world very sad
  14. Awesome post! Completely agree.. completely ironic how people spend only to worry about what people would say about the bag. People should walk around carrying paper bags then.
  15. Good post OP - I notice LV because I love it, but I often don't even see the person (in a crowd rushing by) or at least I don't remember them two minutes later.

    I saw a good quote once and unfortunately I can't remember it word for word, but it was something like when you are young you think everyone is judging you, when you are a little older you realize they have their own worries, and when you are really mature you realize nobody is thinking about you (strangers I mean, obviously your friends and family care about you).