*THIS* close to buying HH's Mosaique Satchel

  1. Does anyone have it? Do you love it? It is drawing me in this morning and I'd love some opinions! It looks like a fun shoulder toss-around kinda bag.
  2. Hmmm, kellykapoor,I love your taste, I really do. I was salivating over that Rebecca Minkoff Matinee you bought in chocolate with the raspberry suede trim, and I am sooooo excited to see pics of it. I believe you also have a black havana hobo, right? Which is gorgeous too, IMO. However, this bag I am not too keen on at all, especially with that high price tag. Again, just my opinion but...I no likey.
  3. Gung, Thanks for setting me straight! :p Actually, by the time i posted the link I was beginning to have second thoughts myself :push:
  4. No prob! Just yapping away my opinion! Dont get me wrong, I love HH, but that bag is a little trippy..if you stare at it too long its kinda psychedelic!
  5. I am just stumped about which gray bag to buy and I think the process is making me a little loopy. :shrugs::girlsigh::upsidedown:
  6. LOL - I am a big HH fan also, but I am not keen on this bag. I prefer this colorway to the other option, but there is something about the combo of canvas and leather and so many different strips sewn on in different directions that bothers me :shrugs:
  7. Did you decide against the Grey Tharpe??
  8. Hi! I'm glad to answer your question because I got this bag and returned it. I was fixated on it from the pictures because it's very unique-looking, but it didn't live up to my expectations in person. The leather trim is lighter and less rich than it appears in the pictures, and felt a bit brittle. I was hoping it would have a cool, distressed quality to it but it didn't - just a flat, pale brown. The color contrast between the leater and canvas wasn't as great as it looked in pictures, so it just looked like a faded bag. I definitely do not think it was worth the price. I hope that helps! :smile::smile:
  9. I love the look of it, but like the rest of you, I can't stomach paying such a high price for canvas.
  10. Maybe I'm late here, if you've already decided you don't want it and no one likes it in black:crybaby:, but I have this bag in black and I really like it. Seems very 70's to me and I dig that look. Can't carry it over the shoulder very comfortably, if that's an issue for anyone. I have the matching coin purse too, I think I like that more than the bag.
  11. It is on my short list ;)
  12. Bumble, That totally helps - thanks! :flowers:
  13. I carry my Black Paddy , so I was looking at bags in gray, that's all. I am concerned about it being only hand-held (for the most part) - that is very useful to know! Thank you :yes:
  14. Honestly, there are so many gorgeous gray bags out there right now. For that price, I think you can get something else that is really wonderful! Good luck in your search!