This Chanel sellers claims....

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  1. Being a member of tPF absolutely does NOT guarantee authenticity!
  2. No saying or words guarantee authenticity. There are crooks everywhere. You must know your product, get it authenticated if you need it and ask a the seller questions. Also ask for his/her TPF id and then check them out.
  3. Why don't you post it in the Chanel authentication thread?
  4. Ask them for their TPF member name then send them a private message here to see if they really are. But as it's already been pointed out, being a TPF member doesn't mean they don't sell fakes.
  5. Plus,in one older listing (LV Bedford one) she states she's been a member for over 2 she states she is from over one year only...:confused1: :s
  6. I came here first because a seller had said she was a TPF member and I wanted to check out TPF. I decided to stick around and I have learned so much about authenticity and tips on how to avoid getting ripped off. (I have also spent a lot more money since I have been here - TPF does that to people.)
  7. it's an eBay topic:yes:

    Anyone in the world can say they're a member . . . doesn't mean jack!
  8. definitely doesnt guarantee authenticity
    get it authenticated in the authenticate this topic though :smile:
  9. it definitely doesnt mean that you are going to have a smooth transaction (which i naively thought!) but i guess that you are less likely to get scammed because other people 'know' you ... i dont know i just tend to trust people!
  10. I think this seller's feedback speaks for itself. I wouldn't buy from her.
  11. I'd stay away from this too.
  12. I see more and more people saying Im a TPF member and dont sell fakes! LIke im going to think "Phew! shes a TPF member!" Any scammer can become a TPF member write a post everyday and still sell fakes. I really Dont like when i see tpf in the title. IF scammers start using it as a tool to get people to buy from them then what???? Just irritates me.

    I also joined here because a buyer asked if I was a member. She suggested that I join (Thanks! I love it) and Ive been addicted ever since!!