Thinking to sell my almost one month old speedy for this...

  1. I don't know why this bag is growing on me suddenly, especially I saw the patina on Gorgeous. (the pic is from Classic Chic) SHOULD I SELL MY NEARLY NEW SPEEDY 30 FOR AN USED SONATINE??? Could you tell me GOOD things about this bag? Thanks.

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  2. for me, I think the sonatine is more of a party bag, not a real everyday one. So if that's what you're looking for then go ahead :biggrin:

    Pro: ummm...I like the inside lining
    Con: doesn't fit a lot, solely handheld or 'crook'-held lol
  3. Yeah I agree. I don't really think it holds all that much, whereas the Speedy is great for daily essentials.
    However if all you need to carry are a few little things, then the Sonatine would work for that.
  4. I took notice of this bag when I stopped in LV a week ago. The Sonatine would be a great bag to use when going out to dinner but for everyday use you can't beat a Speedy :smile: .BTW,that bag you posted has a beautiful patina.
  5. i think the sonatine is a great bag, but it depends on what you need. do you have a lot of everyday bags? then, i think you should sell the speedy and get the sonatine. but i wouldn't sell it and get the sonatine if you don't have a lv bag that can be used everyday.

  6. I
    have a lot of bags for everyday use, but they are not LV.
    The speedy was my first LV and it's still new, but I feel that I don't need the extra space in the speedy 30 sometimes. And I don't have a bag for night out, so I am thinking to get the Sonatine. I worry it's just a moment thing and I may regret that I sell my speedy :shrugs::shrugs:
  7. May be you just need to save up more for sonatine..
  8. There's a definite difference than extra space in a Speedy 30 and fitting it all into a Sonatine. It's a cell, agenda, lipgloss, wallet only kinda bag.
  9. I would keep the speedy.
  10. If you have too much room in the Speedy for your needs then go for the Sonatine. If you need an everyday bag but still want a nightlife bag, I would keep the Speedy and get the Sonetine later. Ck different sites for deals on the Sonetine and see if you can save a buck. Make sure its authen. though :yes: You can have both!
  11. Keep the Speedy!!!
  12. Keep the Speedy! It's such a useful bag. You'll regret selling it. Save up for the other bag.
  13. Keep the Speedy!!!!!!! :yes:
  14. Get the sonatine, sell me the speedy 30!! JK
  15. Keep the speedy. You won't be sorry.