Thinking Orange: Talk Me Down

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  1. I have succomed to the dark side & fallen for something H :wtf: I know that there are gorgeous new things coming up from LV, help me take my mind off of the bag :okay:
    Talk me down & get me back to LV where I [ and my bank account]belong. Pleeeeeze, I'm begging here.
  2. Specifically what are you thinking about? Kelly, Birkin? Need more details...I'm probably not much help cause I've been dabbling over at H, while keeping my Louis Vuitton LVOE!
  3. Taco- as much as I love the H, think of these words: Amarante Vernis!! Monogram Degrade! look at the pics in the reference library of the fall collection.
  4. Tell us more what are u falling for from H??? We need more info.
  5. This probably makes NO sense at all but here goes nuthin

    I always am trying to spread out to diffrent designers. I have a few diffrent designer bags. But in the end, after my piggy bank has gotten fat, I always seem to spend it on LV, even though I know I need a tad more variety

    I :heart: Hermes, but in the end, (FOR ME) it all comes back to my one and only Mr. Louis Vuitton :love:

    did you get all that?? hope that helps :biggrin:
  6. I don't like Hermes so I can easily convince you to GET BACK TO LV WHERE YOU BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ok, I'll try! I purchased a kelly for my birthday last year and then got some odds and ends and was convinced I was done with LV. The problem that I had was that while I had come to grips with spending $1,000-$2,000 a month on a new bag and/or accessories from LV; I just couldn't seem to deal with the long wait I had to go through just to get another bag from Hermes.

    I think I was having issues with having ONE bag that cost that much, and maybe that is me. I also got really frustrated trying to find what I wanted. Maybe you will have more luck than I did. The leather is yummy and the stuff is classic, I just needed more immediate gratification!
  8. I love LINDY!!!! My DH & I had dinner with one of our clients & she had a gorgeous pink Lindy that I pawed & sniffed & fell in lust with. I could swing it, but I'd have to downsize my LV :crybaby: I don't want to, but I can't get the thing out of my head.
    Techno is lovely, but I've been shying away from the obvious LV logos for a while. I do love the shiny stuff though & Amarante sounds gorgeous & did I hear something about purple epi:graucho:

    Mr.Posh..dabbling is dangerous, I am so jealous of your H.
  9. Ahhhh, that's the kind of stuff I need to hear, I have little patience & need the IG too. :tup: Gracias
  10. I'm not going to say Hermes bags aren't gorgeous. I am seriously addicted to H. I have a Picotin and had an Evelyne. As much as I love the Picotin if I could only have one bag and had to choose between that and my Speedy, I'd choose the Speedy. There's just something about it. :heart:
  11. Well the biggest downside to me of hermes is the weight, especially birkins, it keeps me from using either of mine too much. I don't know how the lindy is, I haven't been to hermes in forever, I just hate dealing with SF.

    Divirsity is good, so I do like having the few pieces I have, but would never deplete my LV for it.
  12. 4 simple words: Amarante Vernis and Purple Epi!!!!!!!!! It is going to be an expensive fall/winter! Let dreams of dancing purple bags fill your head and imagine what you can buy at LV for the price of the Lindy. No more orange...purple!
  13. I don't know if this helps but... I got a Kelly and loved it. But then I started adding accessories and they are PRICEY! For what the wallet cost, I could have had 2 LV bags... or at least one. Then, the bag was soo heavy. I had shoulder surgery so that was a factor but I am totally back to LV now... sold my H bags and only want LV. It is classic, has some status (but not too much) and it works for the budget.

    Good luck!
  14. Epi :yahoo:
    Thank you lvdreamer!
    crochetbella, Tink & steph, the Lindy didn't feel as heavy as a large-ish Birkin[may have been the wine goggles] but I hear you on the H weight issue :Push:
    Tink, the Pamp is heavy, how do you think it compares to a 25cm Birkin?
    Thanks ladies, I am starting to snap out of it..
  15. Purple Epi is going to be gorgeous as is Amarante..think of those!!!!
    lvdreamer has my getting anxious for the Fall too lol.