Think Mink

  1. To run concurrently with the 'chinchilla in action' and 'sable in action' threads started by Birkin101 allow me to introduce the 'Think Mink' thread.

    A mink coat has been a symbol of luxury and glamour, not to mention warmth and sensuality, for maybe 100 years. I think that, as a 'starter fur' mink is perfect.

    Remember when a mink coat weighed more than a heavy dumbbell and was typically full length and often drowned the wearer? Well, to dispel this myth I shall start the thread with some photo's from American Legend to show the versatility of mink - how it has changed over the years.

    I own a couple of minks and they are warm, durable and (I think) very stylish.
    americanlegend_singles13.jpg americanlegend_singles11.jpg americanlegend_singles6.jpg americanlegend_singles9.jpg americanlegend_singles1.jpg
  2. Some more (again from American Legend)
    baby-blue.jpg bench.jpg black-ladder.jpg ascot.jpg
  3. Some more
    d1.jpg d2.jpg d3.jpg d4.jpg d5.jpg
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  4. Some of the sheared items are extremely light in weight. They don't even look like real fur but still, they have the warmth.
    e1.jpg e2.jpg e3.jpg e4.jpg e5.jpg
  5. These are from Blackglama website and feature various models as part of their advert campaign .... "What becomes a legend the most?"

    Janet Jackson
    Elizabeth Hurley
    Naomi Campbell
    Elle McPherson (look at how sheared her mink is! Incredible)
    Cindy Crawford
    P1.jpg P2.jpeg P3.jpg P4.jpg P5.jpg
  6. Certainly not like my grandmothers mink ITA!!
  7. Beautiful pics :tup:

    I don't think of mink as a starter fur, it's fabulous in its own right. Versatile, flattering, durable and so many colours to choose from and glamorous. I have several different types of furs, some more costly but mink is my default :tender:.
  8. I suppose it depends on what is meant be 'starter fur'. I dont see it as a fur which you are bound to 'out grow' and move on to something else either but then I know lots of people that did get a mink as their first fur though.

    The pictures from American Legend really are special I think. Some of the sheared minks posted look almost like velvet. I find it bizzaire that sheared mink provides the same amount of warmth as long mink but it does.

    The furrier I use in Manchester (UK) had some very nice minks in this winter but I resistred - this time!

    It might be a good idea if this thread encompassed the 'in action' theme of the chinchill and sable threads.
  9. Yes, sheared fur is as warm as long haired fur - sounded crazy to me too actually.

    I will try to post some 'mink in action' pics if I can find some. Weather reports suggest up to -40 (!!!!!!!) in europe in a week or so so I suspect to see more around. Surely the -40 will be eastern europe and, hopefully, not London!
  10. It's so cold right I've been jealously eyeing Parisiennes dashing about in gorgeous fur.

    Thinking of buying a mink coat but know nothing about selecting a good one. I've found something that's knitted mink, so light, and hooded, so hip. It's trimmed with fox.

    Only thing I'm iffy about is the leather trimmed pocket :-/ and the price... It's seems rather inexpensive so wondering if it's any good.

    Help pls.
  11. Any knitted fur is usually much cheaper, whatever its origin. They are make from all the bits that other coats leave behind (even coats made from tails are more expensive). They are very light and are popular. Word of warning: many come from the far East esp China, where standards can be not as 'careful'. I am 100% NOT into China bashing but because of the general lower standards of animal welfare and of course labour costs the cheap price may look tempting but...:-s
    The pockets and cuffs on a knitted fur will always be sewn over or trimmed to stop them stretching.

    Hope this helps :biggrin:

    Don't expect a knitted fur to last like a normal one.
  12. Yes, I agree. Knitted mink can be very warm but it deoends if you are looking for a classic piece or not. If you are then I think you will be much better off getting a typical mink to be honest. It will coat more - but it will be worth it.

    There are some seriously tempting offers at the moment too - prices are low it seems.
  13. Absolutely! Thanks Paper.

    Good advice Flip. Hopefully I'll score a bargain this season to satisfy my fur lust. :biggrin:
  14. Good luck!!
  15. Yes, good luck and I agree - a decent mink will last yeats and spending more on it will be worth it for sure.

    Do you have a color in mind? I love the 'whiskey' color and the grey color which is called 'saphire'.

    Keep us updated on your 'mission' :smile: