Think Mink

  1. Is this the kind of thing you are looking for? A "sporty" fur rather than a typical 'classic'?
  2. hi, im thinking of investing in a mink coat- but i'm completely clueless to fur. how do i tell what's a good mink, what are the different types available? and how well do minks wear in general? and how about fox fur...i know they look completely different , but what are the pros and cons between mink and fox? thanks alot!!
  3. Hi PainoP - a few starter tips would be - visit at least 3 furriers before buying. Feel the fur rather than just looking at it. Both fox and mink are beautiful furs but fox will shed a little (not much though). Decide on the color you want (dyed furs are more expensive). I always find the smaller independent furrier more helpful.

    Mu tip would be to spend as mich as you can on a fur - the extra will often be worth it and have fun trying them on. I have imagined myself as Marilyn before now - ha ha. Well, not quite but you get my drift.

    As for the 'mink or fox' issue a lot of it will come down to whether you want a longer haired fur or a shorter one. Obviously mink is generally shorter.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. Well, have you made any progress? I consider a mink coat to be a staple item for a wardrobe to be honest - especially if you live in colder climates.

    Giving an opinion on whether fox or mink is better is difficult. Both are beautiful and very different. It is simply a question of taste and which suits you better. Both are incredibly warm.

    If it is mink you go for then female pelts are better than male ones albeit it they are more expensive. As for styles - the opportunities are without limits thesedays. In terms of the pelts (sheared, lasered or classic) and the styles too.

    I would try to buy higher rather than cheaper. Check that the pelts are well matched and feel good (not stiff).

    If you get this one right you will have the warmest coat you will ever own - for life.

    How did you get on so far?
  5. Thank you and I appreciate everyone's input! Well I have looked but not come to a decision...I have bought fox fur vests generally as I'm 24 and I find it looking most age appropriate on me,so I was intending to get another. I actually come from a summer country which explains my lack of experience with fur! I had hoped to buy mink as a investment piece but does it lose it's glosssiness over time? And I find mink a little too mature on me, could it possibly be the style? I find full fur coats on me too overwhelming...
  6. You are probably right

    Try to find coats that reflect your personality and just happen to be in mink, this jacket is half way between classic and edgy.

    I have a few Hockley pieces now and although they do carry tried and tested classics (especially minks) they have a seasonal range that is easier to wear for less traditional clientèle, I think most furriers do this now too.
  7. A fox fur vest is a good item to own so I can understand that too. Congratulations! To answer your question, if mink is looked after properly then it will not lose its gloss shine - for decades.

    I can understand your reluctance to buy a mink coat but is that after trying them? My friends had the same issue - "am I too young for a mink?" They all ended up with a mink aged 20 - 25! I just think with whats on offer thesedays younger people can comfortably wear them. Take the minks on the Hockley website for example.

    Good luck and I am sure you vest will look fabulous.
  8. yes, i have tried them on, i think full length fur coats are too overwhelming on me, and i prefer furs in smaller amounts like a shrug, or a vest. minks are cute in a small short jacket or bolero, or would anyone like to suggest a style for me? i love classic and elegant items, but I am also very girly- I wear pearls and diamonds , florals, and usually carry a chanel 2.55 or birkin!
  9. My vote would be a saphire coloured mink bolero. I love this colour. Hockley had some in a few months ago which would have been perfect. They can be work with a 'girly style' I think. They can also be worn with lots of different outfits. Go for female pelts - much softer. I'll try to find some pics if I can.
  10. From the above link I like the ones on pages 4-5 and 8-9 the most. What a difficult website to use though - found it way too "fiddly".

    Blue Iris is a nice color for mink too I think.

    PianoPrincess - from the style as you describe I think that a mink bolero / stroller would work fine.

    This Zac Possen from NYFW last week would be perfect (but expensive).
  11. Alessandra Airo in a cute mink
    AA 3333.jpg AA 333.jpg
  12. The Zac Possen fur is beautiful, in fact dare I say it - pretty perfect for my style.

    Fur has featured heavily at Fashion Weeks in NYC and London so far with virtually all designers at least flirting with fur. It is great to see a step back towards luxury classics rather than items which will be considered 'out of style' a few years down the line.

    The furriers I use (Hockleys London and one in Manchester, UK) were both telling me that sales were up - even in this economy. It ties into the thread 'what was your best fashion investment', i.e. The cost per wear is the important bit - not the initial outlay.
  13. Something like this perhaps?
    York events-05 (1).jpg
  14. Is 'sapphire' mink dyed?

    I'm sorry, I don't know a lot about fur.

    I have one mink jacket, it's very dark blue, almost black. I've only ever seen one person with that colour. And now I've come to love the light grey minks. So, I'm on the look out for one.