Think it's too dressy to bring LV to park/zoo?

  1. Today I brought my mono Neverfull MM to the park/zoo with my 2 kids. I didn't see anyone w/ LVs, just Jansport backpacks and some fanny packs, I feel kinda' odd to bring my LV neverfull. I got a few stares from women. Do you think it's too dressy to carry LV bags to the park/zoo?
  2. I recently went to the zoo with my family and took my LV perfo musette. It was the perfect over the body bag and I got a couple compliments on it. I think if you're dressed otherwise casually it looks fine!! Go LV it up!
  3. I think there is a LV for every occasion!
    I don't think it's to dressy at all,
    Rock that LV!:yes:
  4. Cute pic, thanks for sharing!:heart:

  5. Definitely not too dressy. We went up to the zoo a few weeks ago and I brought out my That's Love 2 tote. Maybe it's just my area but pretty much everyone there was carrying an LV or Coach.
  6. I would love to live in your area!:yes:
  7. Monogram canvas is suited for almost eveywhere casual, and the zoo is perfect for such a "bangaround" bag.
  8. I would carry it for sure. Its a shoulder bag so it would work great.
  9. Sounds good to me! I would take my LV anywhere but the beach.
  10. Use whatever you feel comfy daily use bag is a antigua cabas PM, and I use it everywhere I's not like you're bringing your le fab with you !!
  11. I carry my LV Vavin to the zoo/park all of the time. I think the Neverfull is fine for this purpose,granted there are some LVs that I would not take to the zoo but Neverfull is not one of them.
  12. I would carry LV anywhere!
  13. The last time that I went to the zoo, I carried my mono petite noe. I felt that it was perfect to carry all my things for me and my 2 kids. It's a pretty casual bag.
  14. I have the Monogram Canvas Montsouris MM and I take it with me when I am traveling. I just spent a week at Walt Disney World in Orlando, and I used it every day at the parks. I think that the mono line can go anywhere!!!!!
  15. Lv go every where.