Things you WANT but would never buy for yourself

  1. My list:
    1. Expensive body lotions and shower gels (I never buy these for myself unless they are on steep sale)
    2. A really nice hair dryer
    3. Christian Louboutin heels (can't bring myself to spend $600 on shoes... yet)
    4. A big train case for all my makeup
    5. A tin of caviar! :heart:

    Your list?
  2. My parent's house. If I was settled down with kids and a husband I would totally want it. It's custom built and there's just so many nice things to the house. It's really it has a separate guest house which is really nice. :girlsigh: I'm only about 1,000K short..getting there!

  3. Things I want but wouldn't buy for myself:

    1. Hermes vision agenda
    2. Chanel sunnies
    3. Lanvin flats (no problem spending $ on shoes -- but flats??!!)
    4. Balenciaga planet/boobie
  4. My list:

    1. Christian Louboutin heels
    2. Hermes Birkin bag (can't see shelling out that much dough for a bag!)
    3. Set of Louis Vuitton luggage
  5. no such thing for me! LOL...if i really want it i get it. life's too short.
  6. Rolex watch, new car, any really high priced item.
  7. everything I want I buy for myself unless a loved one wants to chip in ;) But there's nothing that i would *never* buy for myself...
  8. I second your entire list!!!!

    But i also want a lamborghini in hot pink!!!
  9. 1. Expensive shoes
    2. Expensive watch
    3. Convertible
    4. Diamond rings!
  10. Hmmm... lots of things, but in particular, a new car, like a BMW, Audi, etc. I have had the same Nissan that is over ten years old for almost eight years now. But, I don't ever see myself buying an expensive car b/c of depreciation and I just can't get over the price tags! So, I'll probably be in a mid-size Nissan or Hyundai until the day I day... lol!
  11. There are many things I can't afford to buy for myself right now, like a BMW or a Rolex watch, but there is nothing I wouldn't buy for myself if I had the money.
  12. I totally agree- amen sister friend!:tup:
  13. -Nice jewlery.
    -Good food. People always end up paying for my food.
  14. Probably an Hermes....just too much for me to spend on a bag but if it was a gift, well, I wouldn't complain.

    An engagement ring with a big huge diamond. I hardly wear jewelry but I'd make an exception for that.
  15. - fine jewelry (all of my fine jewelry is from my mom-- for some reason I can spend thousands on bags but buying myself jewelry seems odd)
    - laptop
    - a T3 hair dryer