They are selling Kooba on Home Shopping

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  1. I saw them selling Kooba on Home Shopping Network! what is this world coming to?
  2. I'll bet those are a bunch of scuzzy bags - can't imagine they're authentic but never say never.
  3. I watch HSN all the time (yeah I know I need to get a life) and havent seen them yet. But I just went to their site and they have the Natasha in gold and silver, Penelope in gold and silver and they had the Elisha in suede but it is sold out. I cant beleive it. I dont know if this a good thing or not. The prices are the same.:confused1:
  4. Wow! Talk about devaluing your line. I don't know what they sell on the US shopping channels, but in Canada, they sell bags like Kathy Van Zeeland and Maxx NY. Certainly not bags that range in the $600+. What type of bags are usually featured on HSN? Are they a little more upscale?

    I don't see how this could be a good thing for anyone but Kooba. Quick bucks, but at what expense? Could be damaging their reputation. If they want to be associated with the Kathy Van Zeelands, they better get KVZ prices stat. You can't have it both ways.
  5. HSN is based in Florida and is known as the "cheapest" shopping channel - but - they are trying real hard to become more upscale - they also sell Sephora cosmetics.

    QVC sells Dooney and many years ago used to sell Coach - but Coach pulled out.
  6. The GOOD thing about Kooba on HSN is that they will always have an easy pay option and they always have good sales and clearance prices too. Also, its a snap to return stuff to HSN so that's another plus factor.

    Having said that, I do hate to see Kooba on their channel because they ARE the Walmart of the shopping channels. :tdown:
  7. How can it be? I went to their website and I see that it is true. I guess that means that our much coveted and unique handbags will be seen on everyone and their brother. Oh, brother!
  8. If they are offering the new Fall bags, then they must be real. But from what you say, prices are the same as in Neiman Marcus, Active Endeavor, and Kooba. If they offer sales, then when the new Spring bags are coming out, we may be able to find sales on the Fall ones.
  9. Yes Nunnla, it may even work out to our benefit if they have fall bags on sale in the coming months. I guess it will be a wait and see how this one all turns out. Let's hope that Kooba doesn't compromise their quality to sell a high volume of bags. That would certainly be a shame. Interesting...
  10. Oh I am not happy about this at all....
  11. Someone mentioned this already, but HSN has been carrying a smattering of upscale brands recently to try to entice fashion-minded shoppers into following some of their company-produced brands. Scoop NYC did a show on HSN and sold Sevens, J Crew, and (I'm trying to remember) maybe Kors shoes? It doesn't surprise me that Kooba sold them a select line of bags too. It would sure be nice to see a bag on HSN that's not completely hideous!
  12. RE: kooba on HSN
    Well, The bags are being sold via It's a great boutique with lots of high end luxury items, Amazingly enough they were flying out the door! who knew..
  13. Yikes!!!

    Hopefully it was just a one time thing to help Kooba purge their stock of metallic Natashas... It does surprise me that the suede Elisha made it on HSN, as it seems to be fairly well-received so far. ???
  14. I think that we will definitely be seeing the gold and silver bags on sale at HSN. I dont think many people would buy them at retail, though I wouldnt take one if they gave it to me. Well maybe if they gave it to me! I could use it to roast my turkey in!
  15. You're right, they ARE from Scoop. No listings for Koobas on HSN except for under the Scoop line. So thank the stars above, Kooba hasn't totally dumped it's cache!