Theft on ebay - paid by bank wire transfer but seller disappeared

  1. I'm very sad that I won a Chanel handbag at around AU$800 on Australian e-bay but after I made the overseas bank to bank wire transfer, the seller said she will have an overseas trip and so she could not wait for the transmit time and could only post me the bag when she came back.

    I had no choice but to wait. However, once I checked on her alleged arrival date, she became a non-registered member on eBay. I then reported a case of unreceivable case and kept on sending e-mail to her. She's possibly ran away and my $$ was lost.:sad::sad::sad::sad:

    Do you gals have similar experience?
    Is it possible to trace back the money?

    thanks a lot for your advice and sharing.
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you :sad: I'm afraid you have no recourse unless the seller transfers the money back to you. How was the seller's feedback? Personally I will only to pay via wire transfer if the seller has established reputation hence will not likely to go AWOL.
  3. I do not think it is realistic to get the money back.
    You should learn from this that never pay by wire transfer again.
    I am sorry for you,hope you won't put yourself in this position again~

  4. Contact your bank straight away. They will be able to tell you if there's any way to take action.

    Good luck.
  5. You can open a dispute with eBay. I think they charge $26 for the investigation. I am not sure about eBay australia, but you can definitely dispute it with ebay. Though I think you can only get a maximum of $200 minus the $26 fee back. But it's better than nothing.
  6. How long ago was it? It is possible that she's deregistered because she didn't pay her fees, or it could be a little more insidious. Do you still have her name, state and bank details?
  7. can you tell us her Ebay name in case she restarts selling?
  8. Yes, I still keep it as I have the bank notification of the wire transfer.

    It's already around 20 days after the auction now. Do you think AFP will help?

  9. Am so sad to hear this
    Too many people being stolen from ( me too)

    Never ever ever ever use bank transfer, postal orders etc etc

    Have you heard anything yet

    Contact the Australian Embassy also
    good luck
  10. I bought a miu2 bag via paypal and it was a fake. I returned it and she keeps on saying it takes a while to send to US etc etc (I am in australia). Now i never heard from her again. Although I paid via paypal, you have to submit it within certain days to claim it. Its past 90 days now that I cant even open a dispute on ebay. She seemed very nice and we have been emailing a lot.
    So i know how you feel. My hard earn money wasted on theft.
    But yours is still fresh, can you report it to ebay? Not sure whats the cover is if you paid via bank transfer.
  11. ^^
    do contact your bank asap. they might be able to do something about it. hope it goes well for you but it is very discouraging seeing how many dishonest people are lurking out there...
  12. I think she will re-open another a/c. At the time I bought from her, she has 9 feedbacks. All were from buyers with excellent comments.

    Yes, I learnt a lesson though it's hard and $$ is not easy to save up. Has no mood to surf on ebay now.:push::push::push:

  13. No news from ebay nor AFP (I sent them an e-mail on this). :sad:

    And I'll contact my bank and e-mail to the Embassy too.

  14. Sorry this has happened to you. I wish all buyers would use a credit card for their purchases. That way they are protected and can file a charge-back if they do not receive the item or if the item is not-as-described and they can't get it resolved with the seller.

    Good luck