The Weakness Over Another Bag

  1. And who could blame me?? It is one I absolutely could not pass by,I totally lost my heart to her,That gorgeous blush,she looks fabulous with Paul Smith,just so chic and elegant,and I have been hankering after a colored bag to brighten up my others and she is just perfect. I know we're all on a bag ban,but as I always said don't pass up the deal of the century if it comes your way!!! And after yesterdays nasty fiasco,I thought some shallow obsessing would come strongly recommended!!! Isn't that why we're all here?

    Let me introduce you to Pinky!Isn't she just gorgeous!!!??:love:
    Pinky and Paul!!! 003.JPG Pinky and Paul!!! 006.JPG Pinky and Paul!!! 007.JPG Pinky and Paul!!! 004.JPG
  2. You didn`t , you have bought another bag ?
    Wow you kept this one quiet , if you don`t mind me asking , how did you come about this gorgeous bag ?
  3. Keeping this quiet was unbearable I can tell you!!! I really did'nt want any of you to think that I was'nt taking the ban seriously,but when this gorgeous creature came along,I could'nt turn her down!! Took a bit of time,I saw her advertised and that was it,sold!!!And here she is!! And after yesterday,what a beautiful distraction she is!!!
  4. Whow, you sneaked that one in didn't you just. What a lovely baby pink - did you buy that for being a brave girl when you the fillers etc done - all those needles. Just wait til Sarajane reads this thread - no wonder you been chastitising her into buying the red Mabel!!!!!!

    Father Christmas will not be coming to you if you continue to be a naughty girl!!! ha ha

    Did you have to sneak that one past Andy or is it that 'I've had it a long time dont you remember me showing it to you'?

    Now tell me what's bags on the agenda next.?

  5. I'm not too sure how to get this one past Andy,he does'nt even know about the Babington!!! I am considering telling him its a brilliant fake that I got for £60 quid,and thats how I ended up with it!! She was on the cards a bit before the whole needle thing,its been so hard keeping her under wraps!!
    The pink is to just die for,never wanted anything pink 'til I laid eyes on her,once I did I was smitten and could'nt let her go!!
    And yes! Busted over the whole red Mabelgate!!! But I really do think if you come across something that makes your heart skip for a brilliant price,I would not stand in anyones way or blame them in the slightest!!(could'nt now could I? Really?):shame:

    Next bag will seriously not be until the meet,and I'm very sold on the oak hanover,Sarajane is going to check out the leather for me to see if its too soft to cope with me chucking it about etc. (I hasten to add that Pinky will be treated better than royalty! I just hope roxy does'nt get too jealous,she's always been princess on the block,up til now!!ooops!!!):roflmfao:
  6. Chaz - gorgeous bag, sweetie. You don't have to justify anything to us, you know? We're here to share in your excitement. Anyone that doesn't feel that way is probably on the wrong forum.
  7. Good on yer - l know what you mean - that's why l can't say l'm on a bag ban until May- its like having your favourite food on the plate with all the aromas and saying dont eat!!!!!
  8. Awww,thank you honey,thats such a gorgeous thing to say!! I do feel guilty about breaking the bag ban,and not being up-front with Andy,but as we are in the process of moving house I don't dare tell him,and I could'nt watch Pinky go!!!!!!!!!!! But when we have moved and finances settle I will tell him,it is my own money I've spent,lol the allowance I get off Andy,and I'm not kidding I really,really can't buy another thing till May!! Not even Heat magazine!!!!! My account has gone beyond coma and is existing on another plane entirely!!!!:love:
  9. OMG Chaz its a greeeeaaaaattt bag,I can' believe you didn't mention it before. Delighted for you. You deserve it:yahoo::tup:
  10. chaz.....FANTASTIC!!!!
    I LUV LUV LUV pink and you're's just looks all so PERFECT with Paul. And knowing how Mulberry does color, I'm sure it's such a lovely, classy looking pink.
    Gal, you've got COLOR!!!!!!
    Congrats - we're just all thrilled for you!
    You'll be just fine on your bag ban til the've wanted color, you've wanted a Bay.....the stars have aligned for YOU. I think I know how you's the same thing that happened with my Purple Bays......I've loved the bag (thought too heavy for me) but didn't think it was the right one for me. On a separate note, was looking for a deep, lovely purple bag. So - when saw her.....beckoning to me.....I knew it was "my time".......
    So....tell us it tumbled leather, Darwin, is it lined, etc.
    Ahhhhh - I'm big time smiling for YOU!

    PS - girlfriend....someone has got to teach you how to rotate your're giving us a pain in the neck shifting to see your fab photos.....HAHAHHAHAHHAHA
  11. Ho ho ho, Father Christmas came early to Chaz! Fab bag, I can see why you just couldn't resist. I've a Robert radio the same colour on my desk, it makes me feel totally girlie!
    Now I can feel wonderfully sanctimonious as I've just got back from Shepton WITHOUT A BAG! They had some great stuff and I very nearly wavered but just couldn't do it, especially when I found out the sale starts there on January 27.
    I'll be posting a new thread with pics and details of the bags straight after I've wolfed down some lunch.
    Chaz, don't forget modelling pics with new Pinkie for Jo's thread..
  12. Congrats, it's absolutely fabulous, looks like candy. The pink leather is amazing:girlsigh:.
  13. :drool: I love it and it goes really, really well with the PS accessories. I don't think that counts as a breach of the ban really as it was a 'must have' :yes::roflmfao:
  14. I know,I must learn how to spin my pics about,but I might not ask Andy how to on this !!!!!!!!!!!!
    And it did feel that everything just came together,bayswater,color, so yes she was a must have!!! And as I don't have to buy anything to go with her,she was quite economical in one sense!!!

    And DC I now know how you felt when you first laid eyes on your purple bay!!! Magic!!! And its unlined glove leather,so no Collinil on this baby!!! Huge smiling to myself!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    And Sarajane!! How good were you!! No bag!! (do they have any cockroaches in the outlets yet?I'm only asking in preparation of May!!) But I am more than impressed that you came away with nothing!!! Not even a tin of Collinil?

    And Aine I don't know how I sat on this without bursting!!!xxxxxxxx

    Thank you Polaremil,the color just had me,I could'nt leave it!!xxxxxx
  15. Chaz --beautiful bag!!!! You did good, especially after that jerk yesterday!!!! Tumbled or darwin leather???? Tell Andy that the bag is from last season and was cheap, cheap, cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't you dare put that cockroach thing on that lovely bag, though!!!!
    GEt the pink bayswater ring to put on it!!!!!