The Wallet Club!!

  1. We love LV wallets, they are soooo gorgerous:yes:!! I think its time to open a wallet club (all styles) for LV wallet lovers!! Also it can be a visual-aid thread specifically for people who want to get a LV wallet, but debating which style to get...:rolleyes:!!

    So c'mon guys, post pics of your wallets~!!

    I'll start with my Groom Pochette Wallet and Vernis Pomme d'Amour Zippy Wallet!!

  2. oh how fun. my wallet's not a real wallet. it's a pocket agenda. here are pics of it being used as a wallet though!

    you can see in the 3rd pic where i got my heatstamp. :smile: it's very awesome irl. hehe.
    damier_1.jpg damier_2.jpg damier_3.jpg
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  3. ^^^Awesome, i love the heat stamp:p!! Im thinking of getting my Groom wallet heat stamped too~~!!
  4. you should! oh and you should get it in chocolate paint.. or white! i think chocolate would be best.. nice contrast! i :heart: your groom wallet.. kinda shame they didn't come out with a men's billfold in the groom though. bleh.
  5. Chocolate sounds good, but i was thinking of GOLD~:p
  6. Bumpy for the new club!! C'mon guys~we wanna see more PICS~!!!
  7. How did you get that heat stamp done?

  8. Here are mine..they're scattered in my pictures lol.


    Groom wallets I got for Christmas (Compact Zippe and PTI):

    Bronze Vernis Ludlow (I took this for reference when someone wanted to see the inside of the Ludlow lol)
  9. Here's my wallet: Pochette Wallet in Pomme d'Amour

  10. it's a totally free service provided by louis vuitton. just bring in your items you want stamped (usually only wallets, agendas, luggage tags, and some pieces are made exceptions) and they will show you a book on the colors, fonts, and sizes to get it done. see more here:
  11. all your wallets!! Lvbabydoall~~:yahoo:welcome to the club!!!

  12. :smile: my little collection:p
    DSC04308.JPG DSC04496.JPG DSC04453.JPG
  13. Thanks!! :party:
  14. could anyone give me any reviews on the French wallet please! i think that's what i'm going to get but i want to know what people think of it. anybody have one?

    thank you!
  15. OMG!!!!!! All i can do is :drool::drool::drool:!!!! Awesome collection!!!!