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  1. Was that the evil governor in the helicopter?
  2. They travelled away from the farm. We didn't really see how far but they were back in a big city and then travelled away from there. They could be pretty far away and in a new unfamiliar area. If they did know about the prision, they probably thought it was overrun with walkers.
  3. Lori seemed upset with the news even before Rick mentioned that Carl had shot Shane (zombie/walker). She'd already started to pull away from him and wasn't even reacting to the fact that Shane had tried to kill Rick in the first place and that Rick had to defend himself once he'd figured out what Shane was trying to do.... All she seemed to focus on initially was that Shane was killed by Rick.
  4. Don't know... Could have been a civilian or military air craft as well. I think that they mentioned on the Talking Dead after show that we might see the helicopter show up again in Season 3.

    A prison wouldn't be my first choice either as a hold out/safe place during a zombie apocalypse....Unless I've got lots of weapons and ammo with me, as well as a large group of people/other survivors for support and as a show of force.
  5. I love it and totally agree! :graucho: :lol:
  6. Where did you find this picture?
  7. Might want to watch again. Rick had told Lori he killed Shane, face to face, then he turned around and recounted what happened. The whole time, Lori was kind if standing there listening, but as soon as he said Carl shot Shane as a walker, that's when she flipped out.
  8. I was referencing what Expy said too. When Rick and Lori had their one-on-one talk, Rick told Lori that Shane set up the whole Randall ruse as a means to get Rick alone and kill him. Then Rick told her he killed Shane after giving him many chances to back down. Lori started crying and crouched down all upset. Rick reached his arm out to comfort her and she slapped his hand away.

    The hand slapping to me was a blatant "I can't believe you did that to Shane" kind of action (at least to me) and I thought this was so hypocritical considering she's the one who told Rick to kill Shane in the first place.

    This happened before he told the general group what happened and where Carl was mentioned as shooting Walker-Shane.
  9. No...I watched that part twice specifically cause I wanted to see if Lori reacted that way to Rick telling her something about Shane or about Carl. As soon as he told her about Carl shooting walker Shane, THAT'S when she pulled away and freaked out.

    From a recap site:

    "The group, especially Glenn, argues with Rick on how he could keep such a secret from them. Unable to tolerate their bickering, Rick storms off alone, but is soon accompanied by Lori. Rick proceeds to tell Lori how he killed Shane. He tells her that he had no choice, but deep inside he wanted him dead. Lori looks shattered, and then Rick tells her how Carl put down Shane's reanimated corpse, which leaves her devastated. Rick tries to comfort her, but she wants no part of him."

    When Lori first hears of Shane's death, she's upset...I mean, she was still close to him, but she was at least calm. Her finding out Carl shot Shane is when she lost it and wouldn't allow Rick to console/touch her.

    I still think that Lori is ultimately OK with Rick killing Shane. Even if she wanted Shane gone, it's still going to affect her when she learns it actually happened. Lori's issue was Carl being the one to kill a zombie, and not only a zombie, but Shane as a zombie. Carl's never killed anything and up until then was her little boy. Now he's been pulled in to all the craziness, 100%.
  10. The interwebz. Specifically, google images.

    Personally, if I were Rick, I'd be giving Lori the damn side eye every time the word "Shane" came out of her mouth. Actually, I'd be doing a lot more than that, Rick is a patient man.
  11. This is how I understood the scene as well. Lori's look of true horror didn't happen until she learned it was Wandering-NeverSupervised-Carl that put down Zombie-Shane.

    I remember this clearly, because I gave Lori a big ol' eyeroll when I watched her reaction. The scene, however, is well played by the actress.
    Lori's living in this fantasy world that her kid can remain innocent throughout a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (??) :rolleyes:
  12. You're right - I rewatched and had missed the "Carl put him down" statement the first time around - sorry!

  13. Tell me about Lori dying, I haven't read the series. I think she's made big mistakes, and why can't she keep track or her kid? That was great seeing Michonne, I am glad Andrea is ok. Any info on the prison? I know, I should wait, I guess I want to know! LOVE this series. I feel bad for the poor cows, yikes, all thoses hungry zombies, crap, I'm glad theres not a dog to worry about. Did I hear Merle is flying the helicopter?
  14. No biggie! :smile:
  15. I am glad they stopped showing horses getting eaten. I have a horse so that's hard to watch. They left the horses at the farm though. :sad: