The Ultimate Chloe Susan/Susanna/Suzanna Studded Boots thread

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  1. keep!!!
  2. I think I might! They’re both *so* different from each other! My original plan for bday gift to myself was an Ulla Johnson dress but I started keto a few weeks ago (down 13 pounds! Extra happy in the photo I shared because I ordered that dress a year ago and have never been able to zip it up. Not even Wednesday evening when I was trying it on with the black Chloe’s. Then Thursday with the silver - poof! Zipped!) and I can’t even fathom trying to pick a size. Shoes it is this year ❤️
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  3. Alright ladies, i have read through this thread extensively and im still unsure on sizing.. more importantly so, if I wear them and they stretch out I can’t return them and I’m stuck with them I don’t like shoes that are too big or look to big. I typically wear a size 38 in free people, 37 in top shop and 37 in Rag n’ Bone. My foot isn’t super narrow but it is definitely not wide I have a high arch and wear an insole that lifts my foot up and back.

    I’ve loved these boots for seven years now and im ready to upgrade. The 37 in python felt big but didnt have a 36.5 to try... the black and gold 36.5 felt way too small.. 37 felt fine.. but returned because i just dont wear black booties often.. at nordstrom the other night the SA highly suggested the 36.5 in the cloudy white, ill get those in the mail in the next couple days.. theres a 36.5 used red and gold online, and the red is what ive always absolutely loved but no refunds and im just not sure..

    i totally love the burgundy floral but again, how much do they actually stretch width wise? The SA said i could have them stretched, how much can one actually stretch a boot out? Length wise theyre fine i think, but very snug at the heel in a 36.5,.. i didnt find this boot to be that comfortable but im hoping they wear in and get comfy.. these would be worn into the ground, so size down to a 36.5 or 7?
    I measured my foot with a ruler (hahahaha) and my left foot is 9.5” and right 9.75” with the widest part of my foot a little over 4” i think? I have boots that are more narrow than that and fit fine..
    so, please ladies, if anyone is out there, help me
  4. Eek, I’m a 37 in 99% of shoes. I got the black in 37 and they’re really comfy. I got the silver in 36.5 and they’re a bit snug. It seems like people have different experiences because many people here said they sized down a whole size in the Silver. And it seems inconsistent even within a single color. Can you return the red and gold if you buy them and they don’t fit?
  5. Thank you

    Hey there. I am a solid 8.5 in American shoes, and in most Italian made boots I wear a size 39, and the Susanna's for me are no exception. I own them in Black & gold and black & silver in size 39. They fit perfectly width wise, with very slight slippage at the heel, but by no means have I ever felt they'd slip off mid-stroll or anything like that. I usually wear them with thin trouser socks. For me, they have stretched a tiny bit width-wise in the toe box, but not an alarming amount-just the usual amount that leather gives as it conforms to your foot. I have not felt a stretch length-wise. My foot is average, neither narrow nor wide. I would say that if you've tried them on and size 37 has felt comfortable, then I'd stick with that size. These are expensive and you wouldn't want them sitting in your closet because they're a tad too small and therefore uncomfortable .

  6. You make a great point getting them and they’re too small and not being able to wear them at all. whereas a 37 id be able to wear no problem.. is a little heel slippage normal? I guess now I just search relentlessly for someone to post up a size 37 red gold bootie now.. ::waits an eternity::
  7. I feel like you can treat metallics especially silver as a neutral. I have a pair of silver sneakers and they go with everything. Obviously the Susanna’s are more ‘bling’ of course.
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  8. I am 40.5 in Chloe Lauren, 41 in Valentino Rockstud boots, 40.5 in Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. I have a wider foot around the toe joints/ball of foot). I find the ankle slips but they are snug at the front. They stretched to be comfortable. The ankle slippage doesn’t cause any issues. Hope that helps a little.
  9. Hi Coyotedepiedra,

    I actually found the boots you're looking for (Red (Cherry syrup) with gold studs in size 37 on Mercari. They're lightly used. They've been listed on the site for a while so you can probably negotiate a better price.
  10. There were two different reds, cherry syrup is darker and less bright than the original red they produced.
  11. I’d agree to go with the 37. You don’t want too tight, and you could always do a thicker sock. I am a 39, average width foot and my Susanna size has been 38.5 for most of my pairs
  12. do the susanna boots ever go on sale? i've been lusting over them for so long but have a hard time dropping 1k€ on shoes since I tend to be kind of rough on them :/ (scuffs, creases, you name it)
  13. they do-you have to keep checking websites, especially seasonal colors. You will almost never find black on sale.

  14. Oh, you're absolutely right about the shades of red. That's good to know. Thank you
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