The Ultimate Chloe Susan/Susanna/Suzanna Studded Boots thread

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  1. They do!!! seasonal colors all the time. I had been checking for the black leather ones and the chloe gods finally answered my prayers LOL found them on farfetch (came from a large boutique in Paris) for 50% off this past June. There was both black & gold studs and black & silver studs. I’d been looking for years for the black leather ones on sale and it was the best price id ever seen them!! After ****** they ended up being around $760 USD. keep checking Farfetch!! They have extra 20% all sale items right now and chloe is included!![​IMG]
  2. MyTeresa have 30% off the Maple brown Susannas. I have just snaffled the last 37.5 pair.
  3. love this color!
  4. I can’t decide which combo to choose....mild beige or black, both with Gold studs. Advice? Thanks!
  5. I looooove the black with gold studs. So versatile! The beige are nice too, but not quite as seasonless.
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  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! The black are my preference, but I have so many warm tones in my wardrobe, I was thinking something other than black. The black with gold ,however, are so timeless and gorgeous, and I know I’d wear them more.
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  7. Does anyone have the Susanna boots in color 667 (Gipsy Red) Mine have a 0317 date so I’m guessing this was a color that came out for Fall 2017 but I’m not positive. I would like to discuss the particulars about styling this color! It’s not the classic true red Chloe has produced; instead it is a variation on red that has warm undertones. Best description of the color is that it is like a bright red that has faded a bit out in the sun...Does anyone own this same pair or have you seen them in person? Thanks!!

    View attachment 4295815 65A7BA43-42B6-4E9D-A7A1-F61489029F9D.jpeg

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  8. I don’t know if you’ve done this yet, but when I got my silver Susanna’s, I took a deep dive into the chloesusanna hashtag on Instagram. I just did the same exercise but looking for stylings with red Susanna’s (not an exact match on the red, but I think the ideas are the same). Looks like neutrals, blue jeans, and red should be your friend!

    5FD0E213-0DC6-486D-A1A7-2D5FC5AE7774.jpeg C00DF6E7-4728-4DCB-BB79-6C9CDFFCD50B.jpeg 9BE9FACB-0AEE-46B6-B703-05D9A87C5962.jpeg F7094303-DA3B-4221-BC7B-B959147DE6A3.jpeg 571F0F40-7A9F-43B2-B60D-C3BD5BA2BFFF.jpeg 46B6FD27-9B47-49D9-B21A-DBE24C2F2888.jpeg 48E0BBBF-CF20-448D-88B5-924999C54F7F.jpeg D3CDC798-5929-4EAF-A1A4-46D2E4D5A0AE.jpeg 46503B6F-136E-4704-8022-18D95396A2A0.jpeg D53A97D0-090F-4E4E-8D07-834FC3F3577A.jpeg
  9. thank you for your help and effort! I have searched but it’s hard to tell what’s what in the pics. I have hardly seen this color discussed online or seen it anywhere- I am so curious about who else has it and how they wear it. Each red is so different and has its own way of being styled. There must be someone else out there with this color! The latest Chloe item using this color is a pair of sneakers with gipsy red as it’s base. But I want to see the Susanna’s in full gipsy! Surely I can’t be the only one with a pair! :smile:

  10. 2EA1E1E6-5819-452F-83D6-FDFE6688E5A1.jpeg So is it Susanna or Suzanna? I just got the black with gunmetal studs at Neiman’s. I originally bought the 38.5 then ended up exchanging for 38. I haven’t worn them yet.
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  11. Those are beautiful! Making me wanna add this one to my collection too! I thought they were Susanna but it may be both.
    Enjoy them! They are super comfy and versatile and every time I wear them I literally get at least 5 compliments a day!
  12. 7CE9B4DE-7562-4FB7-B2C1-BCD28DBC8822.jpeg
    I wore today all day. Pretty comfortable except in the top of my foot. I’m pretty disappointed though after one wear the sole is lifting. I already contacted my SA at Neiman’s. I don’t think this should happen after wearing one day. Going in Tuesday for him to look at.?
  13. That hasn't happened to me and I've had my shoes for more than a year. I don't wear it regularly but I haven't had that happen
  14. Hi! I'm heading to Ireland/Germany this month and was wondering if the prices are cheaper in the EU when factoring the VAT refund (compared to the US). Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  15. some gorgeous pairings!!
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