The Ultimate Chloe Susan/Susanna/Suzanna Studded Boots thread

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  1. Any time :heart:
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  2. I have the same red ones as you, as well as black and taupe. Actually the reds are easier to wear than the taupe. If you pair them with blacks, grey, navy, white and (optional) add a pop of red elsewhere (scarf, bag) they are a great option.
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  3. Hello SL/ ladies - its funny as i just cleaned my closet 3 days ago and found a red pair of spunking new susannas from 2012 ...and now I'm wondering if I should sell? and logged back to this thread to check on other red owners... and road leads back to familiar names - SL , rdgldy, raffia and wing nut... :smile: hope you guys are doing well... wing nut since you've used and loved your red pair.. do you mind posting photos for us... i find my grey with silver studs are the ones that are easiest to wear for me... thanks dear
  4. Thanks - don't need any more susannas - but i will check their other shoes on sale.. do they ship to the US? and anyway i can change the language to english?
  5. Hi Wingnut... :smile: it's been a long time.. pls pls do share mod pics of you wearing your red susannas... mine have sat in my closet for over 5 years unused... :smile:
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  6. [​IMG]

    I find the grey ones with silver studs the easiest to match...
  7. Amacasa! Saw your post this am and promptly ran back upstairs to grab my red Susannas to wear to work today.
    Here’s a quick snap of my outfit... sorry the only decent mirror is in the loo of the spa where o stopped to get a service before work.

    I could also do this with grey jeans, white top, white jeans, long black cardi, blazer etc. just keep the rest of the outfit neutral!

    Sorry have to upload photo from laptop... app is crapped
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  8. Photo uploaded:

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  10. Thank you! Casual Friday at work outfit....
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  12. You look adorable wingnut!!! Ok - maybe I will give it a try - and the B is a cutie too! Is that a 30 etoupe ? Mine is a 35 - but gives me an idea that it seems to match the red Susanna’s
    Post more Please -❤️
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  13. Thank you!

    Yes that is Etoupe 30/GHW. I have an SO RC B30/BGHW (how’s that for acronym soup??) that’s a good match for the red as well. My Etoupe B isn’t too far off shade-wise from my Taupe Susannas (I may have posted that comparison photo years ago in this thread... if not I’ll post it).

    No matter which pair of boots I wear I always get tons of compliments, even from all the fashion-challenged guys at my company.

    Ok after cleaning out & reorganizing the garage if I have time I’ll play dress up tonight & take some photos.
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  14. Ok, a bit excited. I first saw these back in 2008, but at the time was a poor college student and could never justify such expensive boots. But with my birthday around the corner, I've decided to treat myself, diving head first - I not only ordered the black leather with gold hw, but also was able to track down a heavily discounted pair of the gray/silver glitter ones in my size (well, half a size down, thanks to the feedback here)!


    I was wondering how those of you who have the gray/silver glitter ones style them? (Or if you don't have them, but would like them - how you'd style them?) Bonus points for photos! I have lots of ideas for the black with gold hardware, but significantly less on the silver. But...I couldn't resist. I love shiny, and the grey/gold combo / mixed metals (plus they were 60 % off)
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  15. Both boots came in and I’m hemming and hawing over keeping both. I did just kind of throw together an outfit I’m surprisingly in love with using the silver boots though!