The Twilly and Hermes Handles

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  1. thank you :heart:

    yes :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: she is a dream that came true in August . Thank you so much dear :heart: I haven't seen any like it too .
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  2. Twilly Animapolis

    Attached Files:

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  3. Love this cw!
  4. Thank you. I love these too , they're right for Christmas time:biggrin:
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  5. 0767BB07-1FFA-4FB4-818E-B72301FF5171.jpeg BA2D13D9-3D1C-4C6C-8889-00E655E711DB.jpeg Love how different twillies can change a bag’s “personality”
  6. Red jungle love rainbow on Ebene
  7. May I ask the colour of your beautiful B? Looks so fresh with the PHW!
  8. What a striking, modern and charming look! Love this pairing :smile:
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  9. it is Rouge Piment :smile:
  10. What colour Gp? So pretty.
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  11. Thank you so much, dear CMilly! :heart: It's Gris Tourterelle. :smile:
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  12. Thank you!! I was a little unsure if the colours worked at first, but I guess so :smile:
  13. Thank you! Yep exactly it’s Gris Perle
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  14. Oh! We are twilly-twins! :smile: