The Twilly and Hermes Handles

  1. KKHO, OMG! that twilly is so perfect on the Ghillies.... I just melted!!!
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  2. Hello Twilly Lovers! I have enjoyed everyone's pictures and have been inspired to try it on my bags. Here is one pic of my RC Kelly with On a Summer Day twilly
    The other is Tapis Persan on my Indigo Kelly. Thanks for letting me share! IMG_8640.jpg IMG_8638.jpg
  3. That is just gorgeous. What color is the B? Blue paradis? It's a wonder to behold...
  4. Thank you so much for your compliment dear You are so kind
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  5. Spot on hermezzy. It is blue paradis. Very glad to be offered the ghilles before it being rested.
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  6. The meetup in las vegas was wonderful. Brought this little cute UTS twilly for baby bolide. Not a twilly on bag gal per se but sometimes it feels like the right pop of ribbon to change a look.
  7. Beautiful twillies!!!
  8. Love UTW twilly, they are hard to find these days!
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  9. I have two more to share if that is o.k. (Sorry these are so HUGE) RC Kelly with Grand Manege and R
    Thank you! I can see that buying "clothes" for my bags may become ANOTHER obsession! :P
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  10. My 35 Rose Shocking Chèvre PHW.......I actually have 2 of these twillies but today I just tied on!
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  11. Here is RC Kelly with Grand Manege twilly. IMG_8646.jpg
  12. Here are two more twilly pics.... Fleurs et Papillons on my RC and Indigo Kellys.
    IMG_8648.jpg IMG_8647 (1).jpg
  13. I love the Papillons on the RC. Blends wonderfully and the RC is such so so pretty. No doubt it is the best red!
  14. Here's my RC with UTW twilly cw6 :biggrin: DSC_1477.JPG
  15. So pretty! :heart:
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