The Twilly and Hermes Handles

  1. Wow. I'm always impressed that how tpfers are good at Hermes colors. Thank you so much.:flowers:

    Thank you. Have a good day.:heart:
  2. Here's orange poppy with the savana dance twillies
  3. Perfect twilly for the beauty. One of my favorite twilly designs this season.
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  4. IMG_1492570535.887545.jpg
  5. Just liked your gorgeous B Himalaya on the other thread!! You're def exotics lover :loveeyes:.
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  7. Yes im obsessed !
    And exotics are durable, based on my personal experience less scuffing
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  8. Haven't seen one IRL yet. Must be really fab :drool:. Would be nice if you can post a collection pic :love:
  9. My first twilly on my b35 thanks for letting me share!
    IMG_9089.JPG IMG_9093.JPG
  10. Cute twilly with the bow! Thank you for the post.
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  11. OMG. My wife text me this pic at 2:30am while she was at HKG Herme airport coming home.
    I guess when I pick her up today. I will see her new Twilly.

    (BTW) No-way my wifey could have wrap it that evenly (Thxs SA).. LOL
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  12. IMG_1758.JPG
    changed twillies on some of my babies :drinks::love::yahoo::hbeat:
  13. Oh mine! Is this your collection of H bags?!?! I m so drooling
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  14. New twilly for my new Baby B IMG_1492915468.097021.jpg