The Twilly and Hermes Handles

  1. Twilly twins! I really love this twilly!
  2. Cross posting my new twilly from the Hermes Riding in the Passenger Seat Thread. I love this new twilly, perfect for the spring and it really compliments Glycine.

  3. Beautiful!!!

    Playing with my K Today...

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  4. Thank you. That twilly really compliments your K, it's lovely!
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  5. Went to 4 stores in a day in order to find this matching pair to put on my new P22~
    And was told I got the very last one when I was at Harrods~ feeling really grateful!!

    But I have to say P22 is really difficult to have twillies tied on! I seldom see ppl having their Ps with twillies; most are with ribbon or charms so I was surprised when the SA asked me to go back to him and he would tie the twillies for me... that s how I started to look for twillies particularly for this Craie P (and it makes sense as the handles can get yellowish with my sweaty hands in summer)

    But when I was looking for twillies, I was advised by a few SAs that P22 can't be tied with twillies as the handles are too wide (twillies would loosen up easily) and more importantly, twillies are too short for P22

    My own SA wasn't convinced as well but she was kind enough to take out a sample to try it one and that wasn't too bad

    I went back to my hometown to find the SA who sold me the P but i was biting my lips the whole time when he tied it... (I didn't say anything as I didn't want to upset him.. and I knew it wasn't going anywhere as he tied from one end to the other instead of measuring and starting from the middle)
    The twilliy ends went very short to be above the crease line and it was very very loose...
    I thanked him politely and went to another store... 2 other SAs helped and tried but they weren't convinced... and they untied them eventually..... (they kept saying it looked good on its own and Craie s off-white so asked me not to be worried) I left with a broken heart and thinking about returning them but was told my hometown doesn't have this cw so I sat down at a cafe to try tying myself... it did take a lot of effort and time but here she is!! Obviously it s not perfect; nor is it near to pretty but I am at least satisfied with how it looks now!!

    Thanks for letting me share!! Just wanna shout out to those with P22 that twillies are possible!!!
  6. If you aren't using twilly's to dress up your pico, than you could try some handle wraps. they just protect where you hands grab them , and they're washable. I found No Sacrifice Bags Love Handles on Etsy.
  7. You did a really great job! That must have taken a lot of time and patience, but it looks very neat.
    You have me some great advice, I actually had no idea you are supposed to start from the middle. I usually start on one end since it's so hard for me to make the end look nice otherwise.
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  8. This is such a pretty combo for spring. What color is your Kelly BBC?
  9. Thanks very much< i actually learned it by watching a SA tied my Lindy yrs ago~
    That seems to be how they make it even on both ends~

    Just got my K dressed up today~
    SA did it in 30 seconds!!!! Amazing technique!! Made my day~ ^^
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  10. Stunning! My SA also starts from the middle, which I found super helpful to make sure the ends are even .... before learning to tie them from the middle let's just say it took me a while to get them both right on both ends
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  11. Anemone K28 GHW

    It was always start at the end, but that never EVER worked for me, so I start at the middle, too. It is SOOOO much easier!!!
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  12. IMG_1493448790.524722.jpg
    Haven't used these twillies for a while.
    Thanks for letting me share! Have a great long weekend everyone!
  13. perfection......................
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  14. Perfect match!
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