The Twilly and Hermes Handles

  1. Who wore it better?


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  2. IMG_1492301746.845184.jpg

    Added Chacun Fait Son Nid in Orange/Marine/Rouge onto Ms Goldie.
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  4. HahahHahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!! Would you believe I accidentally bought this a few months ago and returned it? The red on this Twilly threw me - you wind up seeing mostly pink, purple, blue and black when wrapped, and very little red. It's really great with *various shades* of blue and purple, too! A perfect match for anemone.
  5. Magnificent...just delicious!
  6. I live for your pics, your bags and twillys are TDF!
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  8. I'm glad that my one and only twilly matches my new Bolide bag.:lol:
  9. How did I miss this, IF???? Stunning!!!!!
  10. Thanks hun! Honestly it looks better IRL... soufre reads a little off on camera.... My bag is bright yellow with no green undertone but photos look a bit off.
    Anyway, I love these UTW twillies! I really hope this comes in CSGM soon hahahahahah
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  11. Yes, I did notice the bits of RJ in the twilly too!! Awesome!
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  13. Beautiful combination of bolide and twilly
  14. New under the waves twilly for my B IMG_1492373273.296069.jpg
  15. Happy Easter and thank you for sharing this twilly.