The truth about the speedy

  1. i really like a speedy 30 but..... i can't wear it on my shoulder. It's an great bag but honestly is it practical? Ik neven had an hand handeld bag so i doný know if the speedy is for me
  2. The speedy 30 is a practical bag - it's roomy and fits alot of stuff. It's durable and "user-friendly".
    But if a shoulder strap is an absolute necessity for you, then it's understandable if you wouldn't consider buying a speedy. There is the option of attaching an LV shoulder strap to a speedy, but you may not necessarily like the way that looks.
    There is no "unspoken rule" that you must buy a speedy. :smile: ;)
  3. i really love this bag but since i only have shoulder bags i'm affraid i won't use it and that a waste of money.... it's so cute
  4. Yep, if you feel that in the long run you won't use it much at all, then think about purchasing something else that you will get more mileage out of.
  5. If you prefer shoulder bags, the Speedy might not be for you. I have a 25 and I love how much it fits. I have both shoulder and handheld bags and I don't really have a preference, so it's not an issue for me. But, if you find yourself using shoulder bags more and find them more practical than handheld bags, then I wouldn't spend the money on a Speedy, and instead buy a nice LV shoulder bag :nuts:
  6. I like shoulder bags the most, but I love the speedy for what Cristina said - you can fit a ton in it. I have the 25 and it is like a bottomless pit. And it does not tax your forearms at all. I am a huge speedy fan and want to get a 30 also. It's just such a practical bag. You can put it up far on your forearm and still browse in stores, etc.
  7. I love speedy 30, I can put it on my shoulder. I never tried it before not until I saw the thread about Brandy and her MC speedy. I can put my speedy 25 and 30 over the shoulder.
  8. wow didn't know it was possible, does anaybod know the drop of the handeld? Tnx for your responses!
  9. Almost every bag I have is worn on the shoulder except my new speedy mono 30 - I love the bag and some outfits look better with a true handbag. I feel different holding a handbag rather than slinging one over my shoulder - a nice change off. And it holds a ton of stuff invisilby!!.
  10. It's all about the strap!
  11. I Would Get A Different Bag...It Doesn't Sound Like This Is What You Want. There Are So Many Beautiful Shoulder Bags.
  12. Sabine, if you are a big fan of shoulder bags than maybe a speedy isn't for you because it's usually handheld. There are some that use a strap with it, but like Eyelove said, you might not like the look. There are a ton of great looking LV shoulder bags, so I'm sure that you can find one that you will love.
  13. if you prefer shoulder bags you should think of the Batignolles Horizontal, which seems to be the craze of late, or the Popincourt Haut, which is what i have.
  14. I used to think that the speedy was the least practical bag ever. But, I couldn't ignore the following that it had. So, I bought a pretty old, beat up speedy on ebay. That way, I hadn't invested quite as much in my experiment.
    Within a day, I understood why everyone liked it---it just works. I now have that old speedy (25), a newer 30 and a brand new, never used, 25!!
  15. simply its a great bag. Whether its the 25 or the 30 for everyday use its the best. It fits all you need and then some. Its more then durable, its a classic that you can wear with everything/any season.
    you can fancy it up with a scarf*to add color* and you need to you can use a shoulder strap with it.