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Sep 23, 2015
Mono speedy 25. I haven’t taken her out yet. It has been rainy here and don’t want to take any chances with it. I decided on the 25 because I wanted a bag I could wear crossbody and I wanted to try out the speedy.
It’s a good choice. I have a 25B and 30B in DE and I wear them both crossbody depending on where I’m going and what I need to carry. I love them both.


Aug 30, 2015
Sunny FL
So excited! I just picked up a MIF Speedy B 30 in mono! DH thinks I am crazy, since this is my third speedy 30 (and all this year). To be fair maybe I am! I was really thinking I wanted a 25 but I have been packing a lot in my Speedy B 30 in DE since getting it earlier this year and wasn't really sure I could do a 25. (It's my daily bag.) My DE is a MIU but I really wanted a MIF bag as well. I decided before looking today if it wasn't MIF, it wasn't coming home. I also wasn't set on a size, I was going to see what was there and go from there. They didn't have any Speedy B 25s is any canvases so I took a look at the 30. It's perfect, the canvas lines up nice and I just could not leave it there. I can't wait for the leather to patina! Since we are currently in midst of the rainy/hurricane season, I have a good couple of months to work on getting a good base before I will take her out. I still hope to add a 25, maybe I will got for the DA since it's probably something I would not be using all the time. I really just love the speedy and am glad to be in everyone's company here! I tried the Neverfull and had a Sienna for a week before exchanging it for me DE. But I am a Speedy girl at heart!
Sep 13, 2020
My first post and just so happy to share that I finally purchased my dream bag the Speedy B25 in DE about 3 days ago after a year of contemplating! And so glad to have a MIF as my first LV piece! So in love with my bag already but sad that I won't be able to bring it out much due to working from home. :sad: Hopefully the current situation will be better next year and my office can be reopened from Mon-Fri again so I can start wearing this baby out everyday to work! :yahoo:



Dec 30, 2018
Hi ladies, I recently bought speedy b 25 DE yesterday. I check the date code and the bag was made since February of 2020. It’s been bothering me that it’s been in boutique for that long. It does have little things here and there that Looks like it’s Been touched a lot , specially the padlock and keys are so scratch. One of the handles have small scrapes. I’m so picky idk if I should return for another one. I really prefer a made in France bag. I’m in Texas with the new workshop is hard to find France pieces.


Mar 26, 2020
I'm not "allowed" to have my speedy for a few more weeks, so it's in a closet hiding but I took it out for a few pics :smile: I'm waiting to find out if I'm getting promoted or not. If I get promoted, this is my celebratory gift to myself, and if I don't get promoted it's my consolation prize :biggrin:

PXL_20200926_193424899.jpg PXL_20200926_193432939.jpg PXL_20200926_193652228.jpg


Jun 19, 2020
Good morning- I just received my new speedy 35 from online. It’s MIF and the canvas seems dull and matte compared to my older speedy 30. Can someone please tell me if this is a defect and needs to be returned. Thank you all sooo much!!! View attachment 4820445
Shine it up with some ArmorAll. It’s what I use to restore the luster and contrast to vintage LVs. Spray it on a soft cloth or cotton ball and apply light pressure.