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  1. The LV Speedy seems like the most talked about and one of the most highly regarded bags in this forum. This little cousin of the classic keepall is even listed under essentials section of eluxury! And heck, its one of the most affordable pieces from LV. So speedy owners, why don't raise your hands proudly and declare your faith in this nifty little bag! Tell a story or better still, post a pic of your bag and you! Let's start the roll call, ladies!
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  2. (raises hand and waves) I can't get my pic link to work on this forum...But I love my speedy, and I call it the husband bag, cause I always end up carrying something of his...sunglasses, keys....
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  3. Here's attorney-wife's speedy !

    I'm hoping to get mine sometime this month.. help me out guys, looking for a speedy 25 ! ;)
  4. You are a sweetie Ayla! And Thank you very much for taking the time to do this for me! :smile:
  5. Um well I have a 40 I guess you mean the smaller ones huh?
  6. Here are my children:
  7. (squeals!!!) I love your triplets LVA!
  8. ^^^ Thank you!!!
  9. Here is a photo of my Speedy 25, along with my Ludlow wallet and Vernis agenda :biggrin:

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  10. Thanks ! I was also looking at these too today actually.. but I think I'd like something in the 25 size. I emailed a bunch of the MPRS from Hong Kong, since they usually seem to have some in so hopefully I'll hear something good back from them !
  11. i'm a member!

  12. [​IMG]
    mine in blue epi
  13. here's my speedy with twiggy!

    WOW! OMG! 3 speedys :love:
    beach 047.jpg
  14. i L0VE that color!
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