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  1. Hi x4ya,
    The black Selma is available on Selfridges website. They ship internationally.
  2. Oh okay. I wasn’t looking at any specific colors just making a general statement that they had some still available. I wish you luck in finding the one you want!
  3. No it was all of them. :smile: Nothing left, not even anything on discount that shows up. I can see them on the US pages but not here. Which is why I was bit surprised when cant remember reading them being discontinued. But maybe I missed it since I only found them recently. At least I assumed if they bring new colors at least the black one would be there but nothing. Too bad if they stopped it. :sad:
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  4. Oh okay gotcha. Sorry to hear that.
  5. It seems its back! So I can buy it after all. :biggrin: But anyone know whats the difference between 100% leather saffiano and 100% saffiano leather? :o Not sure which version to buy. Color is same but other has shw and other has ghw with different leather style?
  6. Selma from the outlet in Ballet ❤️I am happy these are at outlet. Love pink bags
  7. A note:
    The outlet version does not have the gold circle under the handles. The inside pockets are different. The Selma is one of my favorite bags I sold my collection of them years ago. I am happy to see them comeback I love the classic look of Selma and I plan to buy a few more soon.
  8. 445B7957-540E-4B86-B7AF-2FE22C99B019.png 9B5AB341-3F42-483D-BBC3-FDC0538E8D45.jpeg E0D152DE-26E4-4ECA-A3F5-B6049FAF0188.jpeg 9EED21D6-72D2-4461-BC09-D8FF8B3C9FC5.png
  9. My vote for the regular Selma, without studs :smile:
  10. Thank you, I actually like the one without studs more but I just feel that the studs look different
  11. Studs also looks nice, but they doesn't work for everyday use. Maybe it will be easier to keep both bags
  12. Heya ladies! Oh i so hope you can help me. In my search of a bag to fit my belongings, mostly my iPad, I've fallen in love with the MK Medium Messenger in Pearl Grey. But I'm not sure if my iPad will fit, does ANYONE have the medium Selma and the iPad 11" 2019, that can tell me if it fits in it? Or maybe try out if something in the same size as the iPad will fit if they don't have that exact iPad to try? It's 9.74 x 7.02 x 0.23 inches.
    Skærmbillede 2019-03-25 kl. 14.58.21.png
  13. m curious what anyones thoughts are......I have 6 large selmas over the course of the last few years and sold all off except the black one...….I adore it, but they have been out for so long (like the Hamiltons) and feel they may be dated at this point? I have now seen the crazy sale where I am, in the US, and tempted to pick one up (my fav, the ballet pink) from the boutique...…..but do any of you feel this bag has seen its days?
  14. It’s hard to say. I sold my entire MK collection but kept my luggage Selma and Sloan. I could not sell my Selma. One day MK will come back and I’ll rock her then. I say if you really like the ballet pink, get it.
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