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  1. thanks for thoughts...….I have still have them atm......just the resell value is SO LITTLE now and hate to just give them away with a low price.....but im still not inclined to want to use them. My taste is more designer, however, I still think selmas and hamiltons are classic beauties for MK, just dated looking at this point. ugh, decisions
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  2. I’m definitely in this club! I’ll take a photo of mine soon.
  3. I'm definitely in the SELMA club! I ordered a large Pearl Grey from EBay this week. Can't wait for it to get here!! 20190426_230034.jpg
  4. Love your set, especially that lilac color.
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  5. Thanks, it's my favorite right now. I picked it instead of the pink at the store, then I found the pink on ebay for alot less and got it too!!
  6. What was listed as grey was in fact a dark khaki or dark dune, so bummed. Seller hasn't responded to my email yet. Really thinking about returning it. Here it is next to my Pearl Grey Jet Set Travel wallet. 20190430_224822.jpg
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  7. IMG_7263.JPG

    My good old Selma!

    Selma Large Satchel in Pearl Gray
  8. Looks like it's Dark Dune, which is a wonderful neutral. I have 7 large Selmas which I still carry. One is Dark Dune. I love the structure of the bag style.
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  9. I ended up keeping it, they gave me a 20% discount. Now I need to find a Pearl Grey!!!
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  10. #13435 May 19, 2019
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
    This is a vent. During the recent Mother’s Day Sale, I ordered from Michael the medium Selma in the Ballet color. I was very excited to still find a boutique version of the Selma (the website pics represented the boutique version of the bag) and in this pretty color! Anyway, I watch all these unboxing’s on YouTube where the bag is shipped in a nice sturdy box - the kind with top lid flaps that slide into the main box - and the bag itself is packaged very well. Imagine my surprise then when the box I received was just an ordinary box that looked barely held together with tape (haphazardly taped, too - you could see the bag inside!) and the box looked like it fell off the truck and was run over several times. The packaging consisted of what appeared to be a giant sheet of sticky lint roller paper also haphazardly wrapped around the bag. And, of course, the bag was dented. No surprise there. But, most concerning is I was shipped an outlet version of the Selma. Nothing against outlet bags (I have several), but I just assumed the Michael Kors website shipped boutique version bags, particularly since the website pics represented a boutique bag. I called customer service. For the poor packaging, they blamed third party shippers. Really? Call me naive here, but I thought the bag was shipped by...MK. As for the outlet bag, no explanation was given only that I could ship the bag back. I opted to return it to my local store who said MK does ship outlet version bags sometimes but the website does not state this. So, be aware. And, when they saw the condition of the box and packaging they looked even more mortified and apologized. So, going forward, I won’t order online from MK again. By using third party shippers, they obviously aren’t concerned about quality control. And, then to blatantly misrepresent the bag on its website and ship an outlet bag (also - how many people are duped as they are not aware of the differences?). Unbelievable.
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  11. Don’t blame you for venting! Sounds like MK has fallen a step. Haven’t ordered anything from them in a few years, but I used to be favorably impressed with how their website packaged orders - as opposed to Macy’s that sometimes looked like they were run over by a truck! They used to put a nice card on top, and drape MK paper over a well padded and secured bag. Always felt good about ordering from the website and having items shipped as gifts. Won’t do that anymore! Sorry this happened to you! Hope you had a nice Mom’s Day regardless!!
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  12. Selma from the outlet ❤️ 58B01725-5270-4820-8F1E-988F3D5C1929.jpeg
  13. Just got mediums, optic white and jasmine yellow at the outlet for $79 each!!!!

    which means I only need an orange (not sure which I want, and they’re hard to find!) , palm green, and a brown (luggage or peanut) and then I have EVERY selma my heart desires!!! ♥️♥️♥️
  14. why the middle selma (lilac) doesn't have round studs under the handle?