The Sophisticated Selma club!

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  1. Today I just grabbed my first very Selma!! And I'm so in love! I hope for many more beautiful Selma's to come; So I decided to make this thread and have everyone post their lovely Selma's :smile:
  2. Some mod shots!
    image-553556457.jpg image-1001817177.jpg image-1419140682.jpg image-2297609316.jpg image-723997070.jpg image-2869766182.jpg image-4086083513.jpg
  3. And what I usually stuff in my bag! It's smaller than what I am used to but I love it!!! It looks amazing :smile:)

    A book, a notebook, a dslr, girly emergency kit, bottle of water, wallet, keys, and my phone (but I'm using it to take pics)!
    image-579830812.jpg image-137240488.jpg
  4. it looks great on you!
  5. It's such a beautiful bag, I can't wait to join the Selma club with a Selma in luggage!

    And thanks for all the shots, I like how you covered all the angles and ways to hold this bag :smile:
  6. lovely bag. And nice pictorial. Congratulations on a great bag.
  7. Thank you so much! At first I thought it was too small, but I actually think this is the *MOST* someone should probably carry on a daily basis although we all break that "rule" all the time :P
  8. Thank you so much! It truly is a great bag, very sophisticated, user friendly, and all in a classic, yet slightly edgy shape. Plus, while I generally love soft supple falling over leather, I am glad this is on the saffiano stuctured side! It just goes very well with the bag.
  9. Yes I wanted more angled shots... plus shots of the inside with stuff and thought I would try and deliver! Maybe a video.. next?
  10. Looking great! Congrats on that baby. :smile:

    Thanks for all the mod shots. Really helpful thread for those who plan to own a Selma someday. :smile:
  11. Just gorgeous! We are bag twins :smile:
  12. Great bag. No Selma here wish I had the pink one.
  13. Dillards and Bloomies have the Selma... I wonder whats taking macys so long to get it!
  14. My local Macy's just got the Selma in stores on Friday. Picked one up for 25% off with this weekend's wardrobe sale. Check with a Macy's store.
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  15. I am loving my Selma! I debuted it last week at work, and one of my coworkers said (a lates 40s male): "Is that a purse or a laptop bag (I had my computer in it). That looks really cool!"

    LOL, it was pretty funny, since your average straight male never notices purses.

    I got lots od compliments from passerby while I was walking around on my errands. A lot around "that is such an unusual shape, and very elegant looking."

    I don't see many Celine bags out in the Bay Area. Especially not in my city. Lots of messenger bags, swingpack style crossbodies, and hobos. Oh and you know the hippie-esque fabric bags made of handmade textiles from Asia or Africa. I have recently seen a couple in SF.

    I feel like the Selma is pretty well-priced, very understated and sophisticated. And to top it off, it is really light on it is own!

    I am planning a bag clean out, because I have seriously been looking for the perfect black bag for years and I have quite a few pretenders that I am no longer using.