The Sophisticated Selma club!

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  1. F4ACBB67-BCD1-45A5-A651-B263433ED4D5.jpeg Large Selma in mandarin
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  2. LOVE!!! I have this one in medium and it’s one of my favorite bags for summer!!!
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  3. Looove the colours! Nice pick!!
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  4. Gorgeous color!
  5. This little beauty has been on my wishlist since the color came out, but I had to wait until it was on sale before I purchased it. It’s the MK Selma in Ultra Pink. It is so so pretty & I just love the Selma. It holds everything I need for the day! I used to have a Raspberry Hamilton & this color is fairly similar.
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  6. Bag twins! I got mine yesterday, so happy! :smile:
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  7. Yay! Don’t you just adore that pink?! Did you get yours from Macy’s?
  8. Awesome color! Yes, I got it fully wrapped from Macy's, couldn't resist the price :biggrin:
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  9. Broke out my medium mandarin for summer! IMG_9340.jpg
  10. My Medium Selma (with matching wallet and phone clutch) IMG_20180618_124329.jpg
  11. Hi ladies! I'm new and happy to be here. I will be purchasing a medium Selma in dark dune here in a couple of days and was wondering if anybody would like to share pictures of the DD Selma's!
  12. Officially a member of the Sophisticated Selma Club! My beautiful, pre-loved, dark dune medium satchel Selma! IMG_1531936804.405729.jpg
  13. Congrats on your purchase!
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  14. She's absolutely perfect! This dark dune is one of my favourite colours. It isn't a harsh brown and it goes with EVERYTHING. Your Selma in such great shape that I never would have guessed she was pre-loved either. Congrats on finding her!
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  15. Thanks so much! I searched long and hard for her. She’s gorgeous! Btw - I love the white pom pom on your DD Jet Set! Might have to go for a white one instead of black!