~The SHIPPING from USA to CANADA thread~

  1. Hi there,
    I have sent a package to Canada, it is Mink fur bag from Gucci. I put the value $100 and state as a gift. I sent this package at 12th from Minnesota. I tracked the package, it states"out for delivery at 23th, but a day after status changed to "item accept and entered into sortation plant" again. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here? I should tell buyer to wait for abit longer? I worry about it so much...can anyone help me here? And how long it takes to process it? thank you soooo much!!:crybaby:
  2. Canada customs is very strict. There is no guideline of how long it will take to clear.
  3. I have only used USPS in the past. I have to have the package trackable. Should I go with UPS or stick with USPS?

  4. I never like to ship to Canada since their custom is famous of holding packages. If you will ship to Canada via USPS, the only secure shipping method is USPS Global Express, which can be insured and is traceable. I haven't used UPS for international shipping yet.

    Never ship via Global Priority since it provides no guaranteed. Global Express is more expensive than Global Priority. You can indicate it in your listings so international buyers would know they need to pay more on shipping.
  5. And make sure you put your name and address in the top left on the front of the package with the customs form underneath on the front. Canadian customs are really tough on the correct labelling and someone I know had a package returned as incorrectly labelled.

    Also make sure you have the persons surname and full address with no abbreviations
  6. I use USPS Express, many buyers don't like UPS or Fedex because of all the additional charge for customs processing. I have found USPS Express mail to be fast & reliable.
    Also I print all of my Express labels through the USPS website not paypal as they offer a discount. The buyer is still notified of the shipment like with paypal.
  7. I just recently sold and shipped a bag to another PFer in Canada!

    Definitely go with Express. It is more, but it is definitely worth it. Global Priority is not trackable, and as well, you can only put insurance on it to $500 or $600 (can't remember).

    And if something goes wrong with your buyer and there is a Paypal claim filed, you will definitely need to have the Express paperwork. Saves you lots of worry and fuss.

    More expensive, but definitely worth it.
  8. Awesome! Thank you guys for the advice! I just assumed UPS would be better, but I do not want my customer having to jump through more hoops or wait longer for her bag. I will do the global express.
  9. I find the USPS Global Express (with Delivery Confirmation & automatic Tracking #) to be the cheapest and best way to go. I know that it probably sounds strange "global" to Canada ... but it qualifies as a Global transaction!
  10. UPS can be a nightmare for us Canadians, with taxes and customs. USPS is much better!
  11. I always use Global Priority. Never any problems and not very expensive.
  12. My local post office will only take Global Priority (which isn't traceable) and I sold an expensive bag so I was not comfortable with it.

    I ended up taking it into a UPS store and they handled all the customer paperwork. It cost me about $26 to ship a 4 pound box if that helps.

    The one issue I had is that the UPS site listed the postage at $18 and some change so I rounded it to $20 when I quoted the postage since I was guessing on the weight. When I brought it in it was acutally lighter that what I used for the quote but cost me $6 more.

    Other than the quoting issue the package arrive fine and I have no other problems or issues with UPS.
  13. I've had two bags shipped to me from two different US sellers and they both used Priority Mail. From what I read on this forum, Paypal does not accept priority mail as it does not have tracking. What I don't understand though is both sellers sent me the customs form number and I can put that number into the USPS online tracker and it does show the details. So, I don't understand why this would not be sufficient for Paypal. Can someone with more knowlegeable of this clarify this for me? Thanks.
  14. Because the customs number is not a paid tracking number. Some time in the future, maybe all postal services will have compatible scanners and software so that packages are trackable.

    It's just like on PP, you need a signature confirmation on items over $249.99 to be covered. USPS gets a signature on items insured over a certain amt but you have to pay extra for the PP service. I don't even know if an item is shipped via PP USPS, if I have to pay for both Insurance & Signature Confirmation but it sure seems like it.
  15. Thanks. I don't understand though why it has to be a paid tracking number. I would think the customs number would be sufficient as it shows when it is delivered. As well, the item would have to be signed for when paying the import duty and picking it up at the post office.