The saggy Stella story continues: Now the seller is being difficult

  1. So I returned the saggy Stella to the seller; the whole process took WAAAAY too long (it was during the whole snow fiasco on the east coast, and then she had a "family emergency" or whatever), but she FINALLY picked it up at the post office yesterday and I FINALLY got an email today.

    And she had said previously, "No problem, send it back," and I had TOLD HER that I wanted a REFUND. Her listing said, "If the item is not as described, I will accept a return within 7 days." So I tried to do this within 7 days, but she took too damn long (I was REALLY on top of it), and she told me, "Don't worry about the 7 days, we'll work it out." I have all this in writing (emails and eBay email forms), so I figured it was okay. I didn't want to push the issue, because she was being nice about it, so I went along with it.

    So today I get an email from her saying:

    My response:

    Then HER response! I'm fxxxxing FUMING right now:

    So I'm thinking to myself, "No, it's NOT okay! You have the damn bag, give me back my money, and it's OVER WITH." And I didn't think her "I'll sleep on it" was appropriate, either!" My response:

    She had seriously better not start ****. I'm ready to file a claim and all that. She has my bag back...doesn't she HAVE to refund my money? I'm willing to pay her stupid eBay fees and all that, fine. But I'm not going to flat out offer to do so. And I think she's being pretty difficult and unprofessional, seeing as how she says "RETURNS ACCEPTED" on her auction listing and I SENT IT BACK. I said I WANTED A RETURN, now I think she should give it to me.

    What do you guys think? Up until this point she's been VERY nice, very accommodating, never lead me to believe she wouldn't refund me. Now I get this crap from her.

    If she emails me tomorrow and says something stupid about not wanting to refund me, what's my next step? I find this so unbelievable that people can be so unethical. It's a FLAW, dammit. It's obvious. There is DAMAGE to the bag that was UNDISCLOSED in the auction. So the fault lies with HER. Am I right?

    Is there a rule that says she has to refund me if she has the bag in her possession? I have all these emails, BTW.

    I'm so livid right now I'm having a hard time typing this. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    ETA: I realize I'm being too nice. I should just be a ***** about it. But I don't want to piss her off at this point. So I'm trying to be tactful. My next response will be "Your auction stated that if the item was not as described, you would accept a return. I want a return." I know I should have said that first. Trouble is, I read these emails to my husband, and he's WAAAAY too nice for his own good, so he's saying, "Sounds good!" when in reality, they're not nearly mean enough.
  2. You poor thing! I really think you need to file a report with Paypal immediately (just to be safe). You only have 30 days from the end of the auction to file a Paypal complaint. When did the auction end?
  3. Oh and I totally understand the overly nice husband part... my boyfriend is the exact same way! I have to admit though, he's a great balance to my personality. :shame: Good luck!!
  4. Melly -- My hubby is a nice balance to me, too! :lol: I'm a bit...uh...well...I have a strong personality. I'll leave it at that. :lol:

    Anyway, the auction ended on March 6th, so if she tries to drag this out more than a day, I will DEFINITELY file a claim. I want to wait and see what she does tomorrow. I'm hoping she'll just refund the $450.


    And I have to get this all straightened out before I can buy the large black MP from the PFer who has it for me!!!! :happydance:
  5. I think you've been very fair and nice to the seller, which is a good thing. After all, you attract more bees with honey, right? From what I understand about paypal, if you can prove that you sent the bag back to the confirmed address of the seller, paypal will forcibly refund the money from her account, assuming there are funds in there. I wouldn't do this until absolutely necessary, for example, if she straight out denies a refund. If you want to be nice, definitely warn her that you will be opening a paypal dispute and see if that does anything, or just go ahead and start the dispute.

    Hopefully tomorrow you'll get a better answer from her tomorrow, it's totally obvious that there is stretching in the leather and I think she is trying to make it hard for you know because she knows this will affect her profit. You are being very diplomatic, and hopefully she will respect your side of the story and do the right thing.
  6. If you do not hear from her tomorrow after she has slept on it, then file a claim with PaPal. PayPal covers your purchase up to $2,000.
  7. she shouldn't have to "sleep on it." she has the bag. she agreed to let you return it, she got it back, and she should refund you... NOW. these sellers are full of s**t. I had a similar situation with a venetia. Like my mother said. "If a marc jacobs bag is in 'pefect condition' no one is going to sell it. don't let yourself be fooled." she's right. if it's too good to be true it is. I've sworn off ebay.
  8. Thanks, guys. I got delivery confirmation, so I can prove that she has the bag in her possession. I just wish she'd been up front with me, as I would have saved everyone time and hassle if she'd said "No" and I would have sold the damn thing myself, you know? And I'll be sure to let her know that as well! I expect to receive my refund, and I agree that a PayPal dispute is my last resort, but if she hasn't offered a refund by the 5th, I'm going to do it. I'm not screwing around with her over $450! That's a lot of money!
  9. no.. I wouldn't even wait that long. you don't want the bag. you want your money. you should get it back asap.
  10. I agree, I wouldn't wait that long either. She shouldn't need to sleep on it, since she already has the bag in her possession. If you don't hear anything by tomorrow evening, then I would open a dispute. No point in dragging this out any longer, after all, $450 could be earning a lot of interest in the meantime!!
  11. Sounds good, guys. If I don't hear from her by tomorrow evening, I'll open a dispute. I mean, she HAS the bag. She HAS to give me a refund, legally, right? She can't keep both the bag and the money!

  12. I agree!!! She's got some balls to tell you, "I'll sleep on it."
  13. if i were you i would file a dispute asap to make sure she doeasn;t keep the bag and the money.
  14. This seller is just full of it. She agrees to returns and that's the end of the story. She does not have to sleep on it. It seems she is trying to resell the bag, pretend she lost some money, and collect on that and maybe Ebay fees. This is just unfair. Make a claim through Paypal and don't deal with her no more.
  15. I totally agree... she can't go back on the "returns accepted" now. If she stated she didn't take returns, that would be another story... but she opened that door! I hope this works out for you, keep us posted!