The Rest of the Fall Line to be in Stores This Week!

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  1. that is what one of the SAs told me, though some stores get in the stuff faster then others on a regular basis.. alas like riverside vs. paramus park. thought i should give the rest of the gals a heads up! hope to see new purchases threads as a result!!
  2. Oh I'm so excited! I really hope they update the website soon too!
  3. I know, my SA says the fall stuff is to die for. Her descriptions made everything sound sooo good!
  4. anotheremptysky, did you SA tell you about anything that maybe isn't in the catalog? Please share :P
  5. ir emember they were raving about the boots, how there are like stacked heels and then flatter more bearable ones.
  6. Great..I have my eyes on a pair of heels & an optic turnlock hobo. But, I'll have to start saving for that after I get back from vacation.
  7. Mine said the same thing too!! Just what we all needed.. another reason to spend $$ on purses LOL! They're such enablers!! :lol:
  8. I remember she talked about new suede beaded totes, one in a gray that sounded really nice! She was trying to explain it, they are embossed suede or something, and I think some signature ones too. Also more patent leather stuff! I am definately holding out for the gray beaded tote though, even if it's suede.
  9. The grey beaded tote sounds awesome, even though I probably won't get it because 1) the signature beaded tote I bought last winter was totally not versatile, the beads fell off and it's not fixable (they gave me my $428 back) and 2) Coach suede looks so bad after a while. But if you can take extra special care of it, that sounds awesome

    (Sorry if I totally just rained on your parade..ack)
  10. Have any of your SAs said anything about a satchel, like styles 6828 or 8K05, in all leather coming out?
  11. I want to see them badly. I hope they will be out sooner!!!!
  12. ^^ that is one of my favorite styles. :love: I got an all leather one at an outlet a while ago. I think the Mia satchel is its replacement though.
  13. There is an awesome Legacy Leather satchel coming out...I believe it will be priced around 698 or so. :smile:

    And the suede beaded tote has the beaded strip running horizontal across it, as opposed to the vertical one last year. The patent leather bags are going to be the gallery totes..the pics of them look very cute.
  14. Couturegrl, where did you see pics? I'm so excited! :love:
  15. I don't like the Mia satchel, mainly the side pockets and the buckle straps.

    Couturegrl, Can you please describe the Legacy Leather satchel you saw? The price tag is too high for me but still would like to know what it looks like.