The Queen in Sunflower Scarf

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  1. Hi - I saw Queen Elizabeth 11 in Hello or OK magazine last month wearing an Hermes sunflower scarf. Does anyone know the name of the design, how old and if still available. Thankyou
  2. In the Hermes Shopping Forum, there is a thread (top of the page) called Hermes Scarf Identification. If you post your question there, I bet you'll get an answer! Plus, it will then be archived there for others to search out if they have the same question.

    I'd love to know what that scarf is too! :smile:
  3. I wondered the same iwantahermes- here are some pics from the Daily Mail - 2 different
    ones to ID - I'll stick them over on the thread as well if that is OK.

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  4. That scarf is beautiful!
  5. gorgeous! i would like to know as well!
  6. That's beautiful. I betcha the Queen is going to send us on a mad chase for this scarf. I have a particular fondness for sunflowers myself. :smile:
  7. It's very nice!! :drool::drool:
  8. Hmmmm interestingly a Hermes scarf with sunflowers has just been posted on the Uk ebay site! (have no idea of authenticity) Not sure if it's the same but it has four sunflowers in the middle of the scarf..... the scarf name is not mentioned though!
  9. I'm certainly no expert on authenticity, but the hems don't look good on this one!


    Would have been quite amusing if it were the queen getting rid of her old scarves!!
  10. Queen Elizabeth has the best scarves, I'm still looking for the the Monarch scarf...
  11. I'm not sure the sunflowers sacrf is a Hermes at all!! The other one in the second photo we think is Regina (on the ID a scarf thread)
  12. Ohh didn't look that closely at the pictures yesterday but i agree the hems look nasty and not at all H like!