***The Princess Purse Diaries***

  1. Gorgeous collection and I love that baby Spy bag. The color combo is TDF!
  2. Thanks for showing the nice collection! I especially like the mini pleaty. :yes:
  3. Thank you Jessi, knasarae & malteserus!! Jessi your pup is adorable too!!

    I got home and my Bellevue is here!! idk if i'll be able to open it until my bday though..ive got to go investigate:supacool:
  4. I love your collections! The sunglasses are so gorgeous!
  5. very cute collection!! :tup:
  6. Thanks Rosemary & pro shopper!! at first i thought they were too big but they are so perfect for skiing so that makes them esp worth it
  7. cute stories!
  8. ^^Bella I Love ur Collection!! U have every piece I want :drool:

    Tonite I snuck in and opened up my Bellevue, I have to take more pics though outside to really show the color!!
    The bottom width is very comfortable, like a resting spot for ur arm :cutesy:
    im nervous how to care for it, its my first vernis!!where's the search button when u need it????
  9. omg, amarante bellevue?! TDF!!!!!
  10. Im so in Lvoe :love:
  11. cute pleaty!
  12. ^^Thanks Missaznpirate:heart:
  13. That is a beautiful bag, and great choice for a wedding!
  14. OMG! That baby spy is GORGIOUS!!:drool: And I also LOVE that bellevue in amarante.
    Great collection PrincessMe!
    And Oliver is too cute... ;)
  15. Thanks Roxana & LT :love: Ur pup is so beautiful too!!

    Tonite i took an updated LV family shot
    My bambina :love: